Montag, 11. November 2013

Thüringen August 2013 part II

Hello readers! (^_^)/

The second part of my blogposts about my trip to Thüringen in August this year could also have the title: butterflies, other insects and nature. :D Here you can find the first part -> click. ^u^
Actually, my photos from travels in nature always look like that. Haha. I take pictures of every butterfly and every flower. When I travel to a city, I often take pictures of buildings and architecture. There are rarely people on my photos when I travel.
Here are the photos of the second day. We walked to a source. We visited it already as small kids. It's one - the first - of the two Werra sources. It looks like a lion's head. There were many butterflies along the way and the weather wasn't as dark and stormy as the day before. That was really nice.
Maybe that's weird, but I think this looks cute. ^_^
And this is cute too. It has an orange bum. :D
Because I take pictures of everything, I'm always behind the others.
These are wild raspberries. I love raspberries. They don't look good, but they were delicious.
The lion head of the source. There grows moss where water flows along.
It looks a little as if the lion would ....oh no, I shouldn't write that. XD
This butterfly looks kind of interesting. There were a lot of this type, which seemed somehow tattered. Like old paper, that lay in the sun. If they were just old or if this is how this butterflies look like?
This cutie has a few parasites...
...and this caterpillar was huge! No, really huge. You've no idea. :D It was really interesting to see how it moves
Then we were on our way home and found in the parking lot of a village this accident victim:

 Any help came too late, it already had lost too much blood, uh ink. Sad story. He certainly has family.

Thank you for reading! (^_^ )/


  1. hahaha lass abby kommen! das kann kein unfall gewesen sein!

    1. du meinst, dass jemand mit absicht über den armen kerl fuhr? das wär ja herzlos. T_T