Samstag, 26. Januar 2013

Angelic Pretty Lucky Pack 2013

Hello readers! (^_^)/
I know this post comes a little late.
But I haven't really that much time at the moment.
The university stresses me out. >///<
Anyway, let's talk about APs Lucky Packs!
In my opinion, Angelic Pretty has never had so pretty prints in their LPs. I love them!
There were five different sets and each set had a different content.

The sweet Dream Fantasy print is really cute and it remind me a little of APs Milky Planet (which I love).
There were 3 different Dream Fantasy Lucky packs. Two of them with a dress, socks, headbow, bag and blouse. In the most expensive pack was also a coat included. And one with a salopette, socks, bag and shirt. I don't like the Salopette set, but that's a matter of taste. ^-^
The Dreaming Girl set is pretty and simple. I like the socks with the stripes and the ribbon in this set. But in general, this set is too simple for me.
And the best for last: one LP included a new colour variation of Toy March.
I love this print, especially in blue. Unfortunately I didn't get Toy March when it was released. It was sold out pretty fast. It's always hard to get a AP LP, but I got lucky! (after all my bad luck lately -_-)

The LP version is very pretty, so I give it a chance. I love the details, especially the golden details like the border on the headbow and the frontbow.
I was so excited when it arrived. I took pictures of everything. ^u^ Below you can see everything. ^-^

Perhaps this post isn't really interesting, but I was looking for this kind of information and I didn't found something. ^-^;

These are all five LPs at a glance. ^-^
This bag is huge!
Everything is individually wrapped in plastic bags.
The details are great, aren't they?
The whole set: the dress, the socks and the headbow!
The dress has a different cut than the regular JSK. It doesn't have the military-inspired buttons and the front bow is larger and is more similar to the headbow. There is no shirring with straps on the back, but a shirring with an expansible part in the fabric. The straps are also adjustable. And I want to draw attention to the buttons of the back ties (I don't know the right word for this straps, but I read "backtie" before). There are small golden buttons with crest. ^-^
Some details! ^__^  (I don't know why blogger leaves a big gap here. I haven't formatted in such a stupid way.)

The colours, the style and the motif of the print remind me of APs Holy Night Story. Sure, both are Christmas prints. Haha. ^__°
Even the fabric and the lace at the hem are similar to Holy Night Story.
The dress has a built-in petticoat and a spare button. Something like that is always useful. Especially because the buttons of the back ties of AP dresses are often not very well sewn. >///<
 So much for the Toy Set March. ^-^
Do you like it? Or do you prefer one of the other sets?
To my shame, I must admit that I still love the blue Toy March OP the best.

Right after I got my set, I tried to combine it with different clothes of my closet.
So far I only saw photos of people who wore the set completely (the brown dress with the matching brown headbow and socks). That's too obvious and uninspired. Haha, don't get me wrong, I have nothing against it.
But I'd rather do it differently. 
The following photos are from Angelic Pretty. I love their combinations. They often use pieces from different series. ^-^

 And here are photos of my first attempts to put some outfits together:

Sorry for the red blouse again. I use it so often. But I just love it very much. ^.^ Red and gold is everything you need to make me happy.  °_^
With pink the whole thing looks so much sweeter. Brown and pink go pretty well together, even if not everyone would agree with me in this point.
 Last but not least: it is very late, but I'll take some space to pay tribute to Schnatterinchen. Pittiplatsch is so sorry, but I'm so packed with work. There is no day since the day that I don't think about it. T_T Your Christday-birthmas gift is waiting for you.
And here is a little song to pass the time: Happy happy Lisaday, happy happy Lisaday, happy happy happy Day! Oh happy happy Lisaday, oh happy Day! Happy Lisaday!

Sorry that I've written so much this time ^-^;
That's all for now. Thank you for reading!


Freitag, 4. Januar 2013

Wishlist 2013

Hello readers! (^_^)/

 Like last year, I thought about my wish list and my dream dresses. I wasn't very successful this year. 
I only got one of the dresses. However, it was No.2 in the wishlist and actually No.1, because I'll probably never get my real No.1. So I'm very happy with this one dress. (‘ ‘ )

 Due to these small changes an update might not really make sense. But...
Angelic Pretty what are you doing to me?
Every year I hope that I don't like all the new releases. But...
Angelic Pretty released so many beautiful prints this year!
Yes, there were also many which I don't like.  But still too much that I really love. (>_<)

 This is a blog entry, which maybe is only interesting for myself. o(▽≦)o
Here I show you the dresses which are on top of my wish list. 
These lists are very personally and they are absolutely a matter of taste.
But it's very helpful to have a list!
That helps to keep the money together. Whenever something nice appears for sale or auction, I look in my list and so I'll not be inveigled to impulsive purchases.
 I highly recommend every Lolita a list like this! (^o^)/

All of my dream dresses are from the brand Angelic Pretty and some are very rare and hard to get.
I also like other dresses from other brands. But these have lower positions on my wish list.
And I just love the design of AP(◡‿◡✿)
Without any exception, all the dresses of the list were love at first sight.
I already own some of the dresses in other colours. For example, Sugary Carnival, which I have in blue (the first release of 2008) and pink (second release, 2011) or Chess Chocolate which I have in mint.

1. Puppet Circus
This dress is and will always be my number 1!
 Even as the dress came out in 2006 it was clear that I have to get it one day. It's simply perfect.
It's made ​​of velvet and has a gold print. Absolutely perfect. ^-^ My favorite is the red wine version as JSK.
Back in 2006 it was very difficult, almost impossible to get Angelic Pretty dresses.(iДi)

2. Toy March
 My old number 2 was Twinkle Carnival, but I was able to purchase it last year! Yeah! Then AP released Toy March. I love it! The Christmas prints are always the best. I love the navy version the most, but green/navy would be acceptable to. Haha. And I also like the brown LP version. I tried to buy it, but it was sold out and then I didn't get the Lucky Pack too. That happens often to me.

3. Chocolate Rosette
This was love at first sight. It's so different and beautiful. But it's always the same: it was sold out too fast.
 I only got the black socks and the blue and the brown headbow. The second release also brought me no luck. I hope I'll find the navy JSK and I hope it happens this year. ^-^ Actually Toy March and Chocolate Rosette are both on 2., but in the end I chose this order.

4. Chess Chocolate
It's almost the same story as with Twinkle Carnival or Chocolate Rosette. It wasn't possible for me to buy my dream dress. It was sold out too quick. T_T But then it was re-released by Angelic Pretty (unusually fast) but I had no money at this time. Later, I bought it in mint and it's beautiful, but the brown JSK version is still my favorite.

5. Star Night Theater
It was released in the same year as Memorial Cake (2009), which was one of my dreams for long. I've found it then, so I'm assuming I also find the blue or red Star Night Theater someday.

6. Sugary Carnival
Actually, it is no longer on the list, as the must-have list only goes up to 5th place. -_- But I still want it. Unfortunately, the prices are so incredibly high that it probably never will be mine. And in contrast to Puppet Circus, the price is a deterrent.
As an unexpected way Sugary Carnival was re-released in 2011, and with this new release this new colour version was available. Since the first release Sugary Carnival is one of my absolute favorites. ^-^

That's my top 5 wishlist for 2013!

Do you have a wishlist? (If not, create one! It's useful to clarify the priorities.)
And do you have unrealisable wishes like me?

 Now I really have to work. >///< Good thing I prepared this post a few weeeeeks ago.

Thanks for reading! (^_^) / 

Dienstag, 1. Januar 2013

A late Christmas post - or a lot of food

Hello everybody!
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! ^-^

My Christmas was great. Christmas means in my family: lots of food. Haha. Like every year, I had the feeling that I never want to eat again. Unfortunately I got sick shortly after the Boxing Day. >///<  I felt especially sick around New Year's Eve. And I'm still sick. But the new year has started, and that's great.
The weather was weird. In early December it was colder and there was snow. But all the sun and the mild weather around feels not like Christmas.

I took the photo on top on the 9th of December and the photo below on the 26th December.
These are the salads from the 24th. The pasta salad (on the right) is my favorite of all time. ^u^
It's a lot, and it usually last for two days. ^___^
These are real candles on our tree. And we always have a bucket full of water in the tub ... just for prevention.
Then - like every year on the 26th or 27th - we went to a restaurant. The weather was so good. Sunny and everything. ^O^
The sheep belong to the restaurant. It's cute, isn't it?
That's it. Sunshine, blue sky and green meadows - what more could you want? ^____^
The food of my table neighbors and my food. There were more, but the table was loooong. Which one is mine? There is only one without meat, so the question is easy to answer. ^-^
I already look a bit sick ...Here we were at home already. I pinned up my bangs.
Then we were in a circus. That's pretty old fashioned, isn't it?
And something that I really love: hot chocolate! The chocolate is on a stick and it is soluble in hot milk.
The perfect drink for a small dinner with Christmas biscuits and salad.
I found this picture on my computer. It's so Christmassy. And I love this print and I never can't have enough pictures of it. So I want to share it.
This Christmas post came late, but here it is. Sorry nothing with Lolita this time.
 I wish you again a happy new year!

Thanks for reading! (^-^)/

I forgot: These photos are older, but I re-edited them for tumblr, to wish my followers and everyone a Merry Christmas. I like the new editing. Do you like it too?

  So, that's all for now. ^-^