Freitag, 4. Januar 2013

Wishlist 2013

Hello readers! (^_^)/

 Like last year, I thought about my wish list and my dream dresses. I wasn't very successful this year. 
I only got one of the dresses. However, it was No.2 in the wishlist and actually No.1, because I'll probably never get my real No.1. So I'm very happy with this one dress. (‘ ‘ )

 Due to these small changes an update might not really make sense. But...
Angelic Pretty what are you doing to me?
Every year I hope that I don't like all the new releases. But...
Angelic Pretty released so many beautiful prints this year!
Yes, there were also many which I don't like.  But still too much that I really love. (>_<)

 This is a blog entry, which maybe is only interesting for myself. o(▽≦)o
Here I show you the dresses which are on top of my wish list. 
These lists are very personally and they are absolutely a matter of taste.
But it's very helpful to have a list!
That helps to keep the money together. Whenever something nice appears for sale or auction, I look in my list and so I'll not be inveigled to impulsive purchases.
 I highly recommend every Lolita a list like this! (^o^)/

All of my dream dresses are from the brand Angelic Pretty and some are very rare and hard to get.
I also like other dresses from other brands. But these have lower positions on my wish list.
And I just love the design of AP(◡‿◡✿)
Without any exception, all the dresses of the list were love at first sight.
I already own some of the dresses in other colours. For example, Sugary Carnival, which I have in blue (the first release of 2008) and pink (second release, 2011) or Chess Chocolate which I have in mint.

1. Puppet Circus
This dress is and will always be my number 1!
 Even as the dress came out in 2006 it was clear that I have to get it one day. It's simply perfect.
It's made ​​of velvet and has a gold print. Absolutely perfect. ^-^ My favorite is the red wine version as JSK.
Back in 2006 it was very difficult, almost impossible to get Angelic Pretty dresses.(iДi)

2. Toy March
 My old number 2 was Twinkle Carnival, but I was able to purchase it last year! Yeah! Then AP released Toy March. I love it! The Christmas prints are always the best. I love the navy version the most, but green/navy would be acceptable to. Haha. And I also like the brown LP version. I tried to buy it, but it was sold out and then I didn't get the Lucky Pack too. That happens often to me.

3. Chocolate Rosette
This was love at first sight. It's so different and beautiful. But it's always the same: it was sold out too fast.
 I only got the black socks and the blue and the brown headbow. The second release also brought me no luck. I hope I'll find the navy JSK and I hope it happens this year. ^-^ Actually Toy March and Chocolate Rosette are both on 2., but in the end I chose this order.

4. Chess Chocolate
It's almost the same story as with Twinkle Carnival or Chocolate Rosette. It wasn't possible for me to buy my dream dress. It was sold out too quick. T_T But then it was re-released by Angelic Pretty (unusually fast) but I had no money at this time. Later, I bought it in mint and it's beautiful, but the brown JSK version is still my favorite.

5. Star Night Theater
It was released in the same year as Memorial Cake (2009), which was one of my dreams for long. I've found it then, so I'm assuming I also find the blue or red Star Night Theater someday.

6. Sugary Carnival
Actually, it is no longer on the list, as the must-have list only goes up to 5th place. -_- But I still want it. Unfortunately, the prices are so incredibly high that it probably never will be mine. And in contrast to Puppet Circus, the price is a deterrent.
As an unexpected way Sugary Carnival was re-released in 2011, and with this new release this new colour version was available. Since the first release Sugary Carnival is one of my absolute favorites. ^-^

That's my top 5 wishlist for 2013!

Do you have a wishlist? (If not, create one! It's useful to clarify the priorities.)
And do you have unrealisable wishes like me?

 Now I really have to work. >///< Good thing I prepared this post a few weeeeeks ago.

Thanks for reading! (^_^) / 


  1. beautiful wishlist! Hope you can find all or at least most of the items!

  2. Ich kann deine Wishlist so gut nachvollziehen, ein paar der Kleider hätte ich selbst auch sehr gerne. <3
    Ich bin immer auf der Suche nach der Mint/Brown Version vom Melty Chocolate, sowie der gelben Cherry Berry Bunny Version. Beide finde ich leider nie... :(

    Aber ich wünsche dir viel Erfolg beim Ergattern deiner Traumkleider!

    1. Ja, eine der Kleider sind in der Community sehr beliebt und stehen sicher auf vielen Wishlists. Das macht es noch schwerer. XD Melty Chocolate mag ich auch sehr, hab aber aufgegeben als Chess Chocolate herauskam. Es stimmt, diese zwei Kleider sind auch selten in Auktionen oder Sales. Vielen Dank! Ich wünsche dir auch viel Erfolg! Wer weiss, vll ist das Jahr 2013 ja wirklich ein Glücksjahr. ;)

  3. Ach ja... wenn man deine Wishlist so sieht, kriegt man auch zich Wünsche in den Kopf <3
    Irgendwie reicht ein Jahr gar nicht aus um seine Wishlist zusammen zu kriegen, vorallem weil viele Kleider einfach viel zu selten zu erhaschen sind :(
    Ich hab so einige Kleider von IW, die mir so gut gefallen, aber die ich wohl auch nie kriegen werde ;_;
    Vielleicht haben wir dieses Jahr mal echt Glück und einige stellen ihre Schätze zum Verkauf.
    Ich wünsch dir auf jedenfall viel Erfolg dabei, vorallem die roten Kleider stehen dir bestimmt perfekt <3

    1. Haha, so geht es mir auch oft, wenn ich sehe was andere sich wünschen. Darum hab ich vor 3 Jahren angefangen immer klar Plätze auf einer Rangliste zu vergeben. Sonst würd ich zuviel kaufen. XD
      Das stimmt leider. Deswegen ist eine große Grundeigenschaft viiiiel Geduld mit zubringen. Das Gefühl nach Jahren endlich ein Kleid zu bekommen, auf das man gewartet hat ist so schön. ^-^ Es ist allerdings immer besonders schade, wenn man weiss das einige Kleider so schwer zu bekommen sind, das sie immer ein Traum bleiben. -_-
      Vielen Dank! Ich wünsche dir auch viel Erfolg und viel Glück! <3