Sonntag, 29. September 2013

Poupéegirl - part I

Hello readers! (^_^)/

 Today I decided to start a blog post series with my poupéegirl-outfits. 
I start with the first 10, which I saved on my hard drive. ^_^
They are a little older and the face parts are not changed at that time. It's the "old" face. XD
I didn't save my outfits when I start to dress-up at the very beginning, but now I do it every time.

 I think many of you will know poupéegirl and if not, you might noticed the little doll on my sidebar.
 Poupéegirl is a Japanese website on which you have an avatar, a poupée
and where you can upload your clothing, makeup and more. 
It's a social network for fashion fans.
Unfortunately, there were some changes this year and I'm a little afraid
that they completely close this website. ;_;

This is the latest outfit of my poupée:

And these are the first ten outfits:


Do you like poupéegirl?
Do you have a poupée?

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Sonntag, 22. September 2013

The End Of Nothing

Hello readers! ^_^

An eternity ago, I wrote that I would post more photos with everyday clothing here.
But I always think that I dress pretty boring. This is the reason why I never really show my outfits here.
Now Schnatterinchen and I were in the cinema to see The World's End.
I love the movies by Pegg and Wright and this movie was just great!
We took some photos after the movie and I really like the results. ^_^
The photo quality suffers from the light and it was just my simple digicam.
Nevertheless I like them. It contributes to the mood. :D
Totally unintentionally all the pictures look kind of creepy. That's cool.
blouse - H&M // cardigan - H&M // skirt - H&M // thights - taobao // shoes - VANS // coat - H&M // bag - small local store

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Sonntag, 15. September 2013

Art post: Starry sky

Hello readers! (^__^)/

 Today I want to show you a new drawing. I've been working on this picture for a long time. Well, that's not entirely true. I believe I began to draw sometime in late 2008. And that in 2010 the outlines were done. In between, I didn't touch it for longer periods of time. At every step, I was afraid to ruin it. Haha, but that's always my problem. Especially when it comes to colouration. I'm never really satisfied, but here I'm quite happy with the result. And also, I'm so glad that this time the scanner hasn't ruined everything. ^_^

 The clothes she wears is something I like personally. Blouses with bowtie and the colours red and blue, as well as the partially visible top in military-style is something, I love very much. Now, the hat isn't really my cup of tea. I would draw it differently today. But I still like her clothes.
Hope you like it. ^_^


Thank you for reading!