Samstag, 12. Juli 2014

Summer picnic meet-up 2014

Hello readers!

Long time no see. Time near as always, that means weeks after the event, I decide to write something about a Lolita meet that we had here. It was a small picnic in the park.We were a small circle, but it was nice. And we had, as so often, too much food.
It was quite warm that day, so it wasn't able for me to wear my outfit as planned. But I really want to wear this dress, because I need space in my wardrobe and this JSK was one of the things I planned to sell.
I wore the Happy Ice Cream JSK by Angelic Pretty which is super voluminous and space occupying.

This was the outfit that I planned to wear. Well not exactly like this. Actually with a white blouse, but that one was unfortunately in the washer. The fur collar was way too warm, so I don't wore it. But because of that the balance of the outfit was not right anymore.
And here are some pictures from the meet:

We took some pictures. The sun was a little bit difficult, but I like how some of the pictures came out. These are just a few photos, there are more, but I don't upload them here.
Dress - Angelic Pretty Happy Ice Cream JSK // Blouse - Dear Celine // Tights - Lockshop Marie Catoinette // Shoes - Secret Shop // Headbow - Angelic Pretty // Bag - offbrand & BTSSB // Wrist Cuffs - Angelic Pretty // Accessories - offbrand, CuteCanKill & AP
I rarely take selfies, but I kind of like that one. Also my makeup was quite nice that day. But I still don't like close-ups.

The next entry will hopefully come soon. We took some photos with Romantic Rose Letter last month. 
Thank you for reading!