Samstag, 5. April 2014

Book Fair Leipzig 2014 - Wow, That was quick

Hello readers!

It's been a while. But today I'm writing again.
In march it was time for the book fair in Leipzig again. I was looking forward to it, but this year wasn't really my year. Unfortunately I couldn't go every day, and also I had real trouble with my eyes. That was annoying and so my eye makeup was quite terrible the two days I visited the fair. I was very happy to meet some people again, but unfortunately I don't met everyone. So this event didn't go, as I would have wished for.
I also took some photos of some of the amazing looking people and the fair itself. But I didn't took that many pictures this year.

This is the outfit, which I then couldn't wear. It was planned for Friday, the day we didn't went to the fair. But we'll take pictures with it soon.
This is the outfit that I wore on Saturday. I'm pretty happy with it. That's rare. I made the hat for an other dress, but because the bonnet wasn't finished in time,  I've to wore something different. And I liked it.
Dress - Angelic Pretty Twinkle Carnival // Blouse - Dear Celine // Socks - Angelic Pretty Twinkle Carnival // Shoes - An*Tai*Na // Headbow - Angelic Pretty // Hat - handmade // Accessories - claire's and offbrand
There was a fashion show that day that was organized by Dunkelsüss. I took a lot of photos of every model and the show in general. But I show you just a few pictures of the ending with all models, so that there aren't so many photos in this entry. Here you also can see the book Shades of Wonderland: Die fabelhafte Welt japanischer Street Fashion, which was presented at the fair. This one here was raffled off later.
A few Lolita styles have been explained by the mods at the end of the show. Here you can see the Sweet Lolitas.
Some (unfortunately not all) Classic Lolitas.
And here we have Gothic Lolitas and a very creative Ero Lolita (I think so?) outfit.
Country Lolitas and one of the mods. It's a pity, that some Lolitas are missing in the photos, but it would be to picture heavy with everything.
We took some more pictures after the show.
This is the most epic headdress I ever saw. It's a real book, so you've always something to read.
It was the fair of Day Dream Carnival outfits. So many people wore this dress.
It was getting darker and my camera started to weaken.
But look at all the beautiful Lolitas. I was very happy to meet everyone (again).
Then the day was over and the next day began! Nina was actually the only cosplayer I photographed. I really wish I took more pictures. At least I was able to photograph some more pretty Lolitas. The darkblue dress below is self made. I really love the colour.
And that's my outfit. I'm not that happy. Some details are just not the way I wished. Actually I planned to wear two white feathers on my head, to make the headdress a little more interesting. But it was too windy outside. And there are other things... Outfit: Dress - Angelic Pretty Day Dream Carnival // Blouse - offbrand // Socks - Angelic Pretty Twinkle Carnival // Shoes - Bodyline // Headbow - Angelic Pretty // Accessories - Chocomint, h&m, claire's and offbrand
On Sunday I met Maria and Isa again. We wore the same dress on purpose. I love how we all have different details in our outfits
This is the view in the glass hall of the fair. There were a lot of cosplayers in this hall. The light is good there.

It was a nice weekend and it was great to meet all the people. Even if it could have been more.
There was a lack of time somehow.
But there's always a next year. and I'm looking forward to it. 
 That's it for today.

Have two bonus pictures, just because I really like these two. As so often, Schnatterinchen took all the pictures of me​. We had fun with the light here.

Thanks for reading!