Sonntag, 9. Februar 2014

The details of a brown unicorn - Angelic Pretty's Royal Unicorn

Hello readers!

It's the time of papers. I don't like that, but it's part of studying. I think I'm not a good student, because much of the university life gets on my nerves. It's not that I hate to learn. No, I really love to learn. I just hate to study. But I'm close to my master's degree, then it's over.

Sorry for all the talk about the university, now I come to the topic of this blog entry.
Actually, I don't buy so much Lolita related clothes nowadays. I have become very picky over the years and I don't like a lot of designs simply because there are some small details I don't like.
 But especially Angelic Pretty's Royal Unicorn series was love at first sight.

I think the fabric is the most beautiful, which Angelic Pretty ever used. It's just gorgeous. It's thick and the pattern is woven into the fabric. The hardest thing for me was to choose which style and which colourway I should get. Because I like the military style, I chose the JSK. And because brown goes well with the other things that I already own (like the brown Twinkle Carnival OTKs), I bought the brown JSK. But except for the pink version, I would like to have more items of this series in the future.
Really, no words can describe the beauty of the fabric and no photo can show it properly.
Nevertheless, I show you some photos here:

Everything still packed and with price tags. I also bought a few accessories to go with other dresses. That's why there are a pair of navy OTKs and a navy headbow.
Musee du Chocolat thights, Royal unicorn thights and headbow.
I thought the Musee du Chocolat thights would look nice with the JSK. And they do. But it is maybe a little too tone on tone. And both may go well with Chess Chocolate or the Toy March LP, but I've to try that.
I love the design of the tights. Especially on the top. Unfortunately you can't see it worn. They are made of a thick (hopefully durable) material.
And that is basically a picture of the whole set. Haha, oh no. I'm really sorry for the light.
It was nearly dark when I took the pictures. Nevertheless I hope you get an impression of the beauty.
The dress has a velvet bodice and also velvet waist ties, some beatiful golden details, tassels and a pretty brooch.
Loyalty OTKs and a headbow where I forgot the name. I bought this for my navy Toy March OP. And I think it also matches with Holy Night Story. Blue ist the best colour. I just love blue. And blue with red. Haha.
I bought the Brithish College OTKs with the same background thoughts a while back. You  can see them on the next picture.
Romantic Rose Letter OTK in pink, mint and sax and the sax headbowRomantic Rose Letter is a very pretty series. I really love it. I bought the socks and headbow for Tiara Rose and Memorial Cake. I've a lot blue dresses, so it may matches with other clothes too. Maybe the mint OTK look good with  Meta's Honey Picnic. But I'm not sure. And et plus: I hope to find the dress later and so I've some accessories already.
I really like the design of the socks. And the bow looks so pretty with the pearls and the rose. Thanks to the headbow I now know that Romantic Rose Letter is made ​​of a thin soft fabric. A lot softer and thinner than older flower prints.

This is an entry with many photos of clothes. I'm a little infatuated with pretty fabrics and designs. Haha, I hope you like it too. And by the way, I didn't bought everything at once. It's just what gathered over the last few months. I'm really looking forward to wear Royal Unicorn and the other stuff for the first time.

 Thanks for reading!