Sonntag, 1. Oktober 2017

Throw back ~ WGT 2016

Hello readers!

Another throw back post. Last time I wrote about the WGT exhibition and this time I'll show you the pictures I took at the Victorian Village 2016.
I'm not sure about the outfit I wore back then, but I everyone else looked great in my eyes. The lilac was still blooming and that was great for pictures. Also, the weather was great. Well, after a fairly heavy rain shower though. Since everything was outside, it was good to have no rain. Before that, I of course had to leave the tram in the exact worst moment of the rainy part of the day. After that I felt a little destroyed, so it was good my sister took some pictures before I left.

I'm a little sorry for the weird look of my wig, it was a last minute experiment. And somehow I look not really happy in any of these pictures but that's kind of how my face looks like.

This dress is great I like all the details. Hester also wore an amazing headdress. Well, everything with feathers is at least 70% more amazing than without.

This is not the only picture I took of Susi. But it was the only one in the village that wasn't ruined by the backround somehow. You can't really tell, but the haircolour perfectly matched the colour of the print of this dress.

Since everything black suits this event, Pia wore the most appropriate outfit with the silver print, all the crosses and overall dark appearance.

Not everyone wore black though. The Wave-Gotik-Treffen became more and more colourful over the last years. But that's probably just my opinion. It's because there are so many sub-styles in Gothic nowadays and some of them add a lot of colour to the dark scene.

We spend some nice time in the village sitting together, chatting and looking at well dressed people.
I knew nearly everyone, but I still don't know who  the girl in the AatP dress was. But I loved her outfit and this dress. It's a pity I didn't took some close-ups of the print because it would have been  worth it.

Yvonne was the most colourful of us in this green dress. The golden and black details are such a nice touch. I think gold and green looks great together. When I think about it, gold actually looks great with everything. But that's just my obsession speaking out of me.

Business up front party in the back. Seriously, the bag is hilarious. And it's probably just me, but it gets funnier the longer you look at it. I'm easy to amuse. Caros hair looks always great but here it's especially matching because it suits the look so well.

The Victorian Village was next to the Panometer Leipzig which was actually a gasometer.

And here are the pictures with all the pretty lilac.

Usually I don't like to intense shadows like this. But the effect here is nice. Nature likes Susi I guess because the sun and wind helped to make the pictures nicer. Especially the wind came to the best moments in just the right intensity.

At the beginning I wrote I wasn't sure about my outfit. I liked the colours and the hat is one of my favs. But it looked not that nice when I put it on. I love velvet, flowers and ponies and I think I managed to balanced all the colour nuances out. So in the back view I'm sure it was the hair. Hair is so important for the overall look and here it kind of ruined it for me.

I overdid it with the detail pictures and deleted accidentally the picture with the whole co-ord.

That`s it for today. I feel like I mixed a lot of tenses this time and I wish I would have learned this aspect of the language better, or at least would (have) put some more energy in learning it better. I'll may know better how to language in the future.

That was a call from the past so the next entry will be about something that happened in 2017. It will be the second part to the book fair this year.

 Thank you for reading!

~ Louyse

Sonntag, 17. September 2017

Scotland II - Dumbarton, Castle, Rain, Stairs and Rain

Hello readers!

I planed to post all the scotland entries way earlier, but I never came around to do so. But I'll come back to this travel, because I loved it. Last September I had visited my Sister in Helensburgh. She's back in germany now, but at that time she was in a school there.
In the last entry I wrote about our first two days, well actually one, because the first day was just a lot of traveling. On the third day was the first day we all spent toghether from the start. So my stepdad, my sister and one of her friends and I decided to make a day trip.
It was a very rainy day and the light was a little weird. This may be imagination but I had the impression, that the light had a brightening effect on the colors, especially the greens. We took the bus from Helensburgh to Dumbarton. The bus was quite empty and the driver quite scotish. The ride was nice, for us it was just hard to understand the heavy accent of the man. But maybe that wasn't just us because some other people had to ask to repeat himself over and over too.

With the first things we saw when we arrived: palm trees.

This is Levengrove Park. It is located really nice on a place where the River Leven meets the River Clyde. I guess it is even nicer on a day with maybe at least some times without rain. We didn't had that much luck. It variously intensive rained nearly all the time.

As a kid I would have loved this park even more because there were some nice playing areas. Actually nowadays every place with water and nature is amazing in my eyes. That's just things I like.

It is not clear to me why there were rotten boats, but I find them nice as some kind of a real life vanitas still life. Where I live they usually clean up so no boat would lay long enough to look like that.
This is not the best picture quality, I know. But I loved the little swan and this was the only picture I got. Here you can also see the rain really good.
My first, but not last burger in scotland. I love good burgers and chips. 
The others took the chance and ate fish. This one was huge.
This was already on the castle. It was a little adventure to get there, because first we took a very wrong way.

Dumbarton Castle is worth a visit. You are exposed to the weather nearly everywere there so it's good to wear appropriate clothes. Also, there are a lot of stairs. It's not a good place when you don't like that.

From this castle Queen Mary was brought to France for her safety. Before that, she was at the castle for several months. I think Mary Stuart is a very interesting historical personality, so all of this was interesting to me.

I took a lot of pictures at the castle and one half is stairs and the other half is the view from the castle on Dumbarton Rock.

The view was great. The scenery opened like a stage in a theater. It would be good to paint. I may do this. I'm trying to get back to drawing and painting at the moment.

The problem I had all the time was that it rained on my camera. So on my lens was water. It's visible in the picture above. I was quite busy with dry wiping the camera lens.
And now to something small. I know, not everybody do like snails. But I really love them. There was a plant snails seem to love. There were tons of cute snails in different sizes with interesting coloured and patterned houses.


Here we have some details in the walls were I've no idea what it is or why, but it looks interesting so I photographed it.

We stayed on the castle for such a long time, the staff thought we had gone and locked the doors.
When we walked back we went through a street with the nicest houses.

I'm such a fan of the architecture. Also the colours are great. The visual effect is amazing.

I took some random pictures of Dumbarton on our way back to the bus stop.

The sun went down quickly and it was dark outside back in the flat in Helensburgh.

That was all for this day. I'll post more about scotland even this isn't very recent. But I like to have entries like this here. At some points my blog is some kind of a diary.

Thank you for reading!

~ Louyse