Donnerstag, 17. August 2017

Poupée ~ Lolita fashion - dresses! ~ Challenge April 2017

Hello readers!

Here we are again. I still try to catch up, so that I can post every month the dress-ups of the month before.
As I wrote in the last poupée-entry, this is probably not a very interesting post for people who don't like games and dolls etc. but I've a guilty pleasure and that's poupée girl.
I'll write the same introduction every time with only little changes, the challenge theme for example.

For a while now I make my own monthly - in the past weekly - themes or challenges. I think that makes dressing up even more fun.
My challenge for april 2017: Lolita fashion - dresses!
I added some close-up pictures, because it's sometimes hard to see all the little amazing details poupee items have.

Not sure how I liked the headpieces better.

I missed some days and have so many Lolita dresses for my poupee that I continued with this challange. So this is a two month theme. I'll post the next month with the other Lolita fashion outfits later.

Thank you for reading!


Montag, 14. August 2017

Throw back ~ WGT exhibition 2016

Hello readers!

I fell back into the bad habit of not posting. But I feel a slow progress here, because finally editing pictures doesn't feel bad anymore. Today I want to look back to last year. There was a exhibition to the Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig. We made a little meetup and visited one of the department of the Stadtgeschichtliches Museum, where it was shown. The light that day was aweful, but I tried my best to take some pictures of everybody.I had a lot nice ones from some but not so many acceptable pictures from others. I still hope you like them.

This dress is just amazing. It's by Viona Ielegems.
The hat on the right side is by Triple Fortune. It's beautiful.

 That's it. I really concentrate on photography and don't write a lot. Maybe I'll add some infos later, but I don't think so. I'll definitely post some more throw back entries.

Thank you for reading