Sonntag, 25. März 2012

Leipzig Book Fair - nice but exhausting ^-^


Last weekend I was at the Book Fair in Leipzig.
I spent lovely three days, and made ​​a lot of photos. ^-^ It was very nice to meet many other Lolitas and spending time with them.
On Saturday and Sunday were Lolita meetings, unfortunately we (Kafu and me) missed the meeting on Saturday. And on Sunday I was alone at the meeting because Kafu was ill. T_T Of course, not actually alone, because there were other Lolitas. But without her.
All the outfits were so imaginative and there were also represented many different styles.
Which's great because a lot of variety is much more exciting and not that boring. :D
(Which it would be if everyone looks the same. XD )
As usual at conventions it was very stressful, because so many people were there. Sometimes it was so crowded that you could not walk a meter. The air in the exhibition halls was not very good. But you could go outside and that helped a lot. There was enough oxygen for everybody. :D
Now I've written enough. ^-^
Here are some pictures from this weekend.
 There are only a few that I show here. Most, especially those of other people are in my gallery on animexx. ^-^
Thank you to everyone that I was allowed to photograph. And many thanks to those who have made pictures of me with my camera.
Kafu and me (Friday) - Twins! ^-^
Kafu and me again. :D (Saturday)
Finally, we found the meeting, but it was already over.
I love these mirrors. :D
My outfit from Sunday - the thing I liked most. Oh, I looooooove Holy Night Story.

XD Coookie
Her hair! °O°
A picture with my whole Outfit and one of the girls I photographed on Sunday. ^ - ^ Her outfit was incredibly cute.
All the girls i met were really cute. :D

This girl I've also photographed each of the days. So I was able to photograph this beautiful dress at least to someone else, even if I do not even wearing it. : D And probably Chess Chocolate would never look so good on me. XD

That's all for now. I am looking forward to next year and hope that I will again meet many nice people. ^-^
Not everything went quite smoothly, but it was very nice.
Thanks for reading and see you next time!
Carpe diem!

Donnerstag, 15. März 2012

preparations for the book fair - Angelic Pretty coords for 3 days :D

Hello! (^-^)

As every year, it is book fair time in Leipzig. :D
I was happy as every year, and had more than ever before problems with my outfits.
It's not like I have nothing to wear, but the decision was difficult.
I finally got Angelic Pretty's Chess Chocolate (the mint OP) and I would love to wear it, but I do not have matching accessories.
Therefore, I will wear the following dresses: APs Sugary Carnival (love since 2008), APs Twinkle Carnival (love since 2011 XD) and APs Holy Night Story (i´s a christmas print, but who cares?).
book fair in Leipzig last year - i wore Sugary Carnival ^-^ and this year i will wear it again
 My ideas for coords with Twinkle Carnival:
And I chose this outfit: 
Sorry for the stupid paper face. XD
 My coords with Holy Night Story:
I choose the coord on the right, but with an other blouse
aaaand here some pics with Chess Chocolate:
That's all about my preparations for the book fair.
  Afterwards, I will definitely post some pictures. ^ - ^
 I look forward to meet many nice people and to have a good time.

Thanks for reading!

Freitag, 9. März 2012

Inspiration for a new drawing: Sailor Moon & Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Hello ^-^

And again I've found some time to draw. The picture is not finished yet, but the influences and inspirations for this drawing are so strange (my opinion ^-^) that I wanted to write about it. :D

Actually, I just wanted to draw faces and hair. Nothing more. Because that's what i like the most.
Then I thought of the Sailor Moon & Chibi Moon picture I had drawn some time ago. 
Next thought: that was long ago, the hairstyles and hair colors are great, let´s do it! draw them again! ^-^
But the two girls should look different. Not like a normal fanartIn the Sailor Moon artbooks were a lot of pictures of this two girls in different outfits. They were always very creative and different, also because Naoko Takeuchi loved to put them in different clothes (which she wrote to one of the images).
My  inspirations for my new drawing:
pictures with Usagi and Chibi-Usa by Naoko Takeuchi, early designs with Usagi from Naoko Takeuchi, my old drawing and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (:D kinda weird, or?)
my old sailor moon drawing ^-^
one of the Chibi-Usa & Usagi artbook pictures by Naoko Takeuchi
an early design of Usagi - i love the hair in this
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu! Her hair and clothes,
her whole styling is very inspiring. ^-^
Kyary again. :D

 aaaand a little preview:

 Thanks for reading!