Donnerstag, 15. März 2012

preparations for the book fair - Angelic Pretty coords for 3 days :D

Hello! (^-^)

As every year, it is book fair time in Leipzig. :D
I was happy as every year, and had more than ever before problems with my outfits.
It's not like I have nothing to wear, but the decision was difficult.
I finally got Angelic Pretty's Chess Chocolate (the mint OP) and I would love to wear it, but I do not have matching accessories.
Therefore, I will wear the following dresses: APs Sugary Carnival (love since 2008), APs Twinkle Carnival (love since 2011 XD) and APs Holy Night Story (i´s a christmas print, but who cares?).
book fair in Leipzig last year - i wore Sugary Carnival ^-^ and this year i will wear it again
 My ideas for coords with Twinkle Carnival:
And I chose this outfit: 
Sorry for the stupid paper face. XD
 My coords with Holy Night Story:
I choose the coord on the right, but with an other blouse
aaaand here some pics with Chess Chocolate:
That's all about my preparations for the book fair.
  Afterwards, I will definitely post some pictures. ^ - ^
 I look forward to meet many nice people and to have a good time.

Thanks for reading!

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