Sonntag, 3. August 2014

Pink roses and purple Dreams

Hello readers!

Today I finally wrote my entry for the Pentecost weekend. That was in the beginning of June and that means it's almost two months ago. So this entry comes late, but better late than never.
The Wave Gotik Treffen (WGT) is always around that time in Leipzig and there is also a picnic. A group of Lolitas planned a meet at this picnic. It's actually called 'Victorian Picnic', but since the WGT is for all kinds of Gothic related fashions, even our meet fits in the event.
I decided to wear APs Romantic Rose Letter to this occasion. The dress is very over the top and has something historicizing with a rococo touch. It's really nice to wear and the fabric falls in a nice, soft way. I customized a hat especially for this outfit. I felt quite comfortable, despite - as so often before - my eyes were in a bad shape that day.
The dress in all its beauty has one thing that really bothers me.
It is difficult due to its cut to combine different outfits with it. This is a bad thing for me and also kind of a reason to sell it. Actually, I've always the goal to put as many different outfits with a dress together as possible. Now I don't know if the one-sidedness of the dress isn't not too limiting.

We took a few pictures before we went to the picnic. Unfortunately we arrived a bit late. The pictures look a little like hat advertising. Schnatterinchen did a great job and kept the hat from every conceivable angle.

Dress - Angelic Pretty Romantic Rose Letter // OTKs - Angelic Pretty Romantic Rose Letter // Shoes - An*Tai*Na // Hat - customized offbrand // Bag - offbrand (it's not on the pictures) // Choker - Angelic Pretty // Accessories - offbrand
We arrived late but some of the others were still there. It was nice to meet other Lolitas again.
It was a nice day all in all. Even if some of the photographers were quite rude. It would be better without them buzzing around. To meet people in pretty outfits and to spend time together is nice and the reason why I love meetings. but some photographers don't seem to understand that you do not wear pretty things for them. Oh well, that's the problem with the public places.

Thanks for reading!