Samstag, 21. Juli 2012

Review: Lady Sloth's Silk Cherubins Series

Hello readers! (^-^)

About a month ago I ordered a dress from the little polish Lolita label Lady Sloth (click for the facebookpage).
The dress is from her series "Silk Cherubins". The production time is about 2-3 weeks.
There are three different versions of this dress. I bought the first Version: the JSK with velvet bodice (100% velvet and 100% silk (the skirt part) ^-^). It is also possible to order the dress with cotton bodice or completely made of silk. Furthermore there are skirts with the fabric with the very detailed print and hair bows and matching wrist cuffs. :D
The dress is custom made, so there are no standard sizes. Which's great! It fits like a second skin. :) However, you have to measure all measurements really carefully, otherwise it might not fit well.

I'm very pleased with everything. The order went quite fast and the communication was friendly and informative. The dress looks absolutely gorgeous and it fits perfectly.
In order to illustrate the whole ordering process in a clear numbering system:

               communication: 5/5
    shipping: 5/5
        packaging: 5/5
quality: 5/5

I recommend Lady Sloth and her pretty designs! ^-^

And here are some pictures:

The silk is a little wrinkled. This is because of the packaging for shipping. The wrinkles hang out after a while.
The print is beautiful! ^.^ And the silk feels soft and light.

Some close-ups.
Lining and the label of the dress (and the zipper).
Lining and a close-up of the seam. It is a little distorted at the point where the fabric is stitched together. But that's not very noticeable.
The dress worn. ^-^ (A little photo experiment. XD)

 Thanks for reading!

Freitag, 13. Juli 2012

Photo shoot: city walk in AP and AatP

Hello readers!

Today I would like to post some photos from a little photo shoot some weeks ago.
 I wrote about it last time, but then I decided to post the Ichigo Millefeuille coords at first.
Those pictures were taken over a month ago. It was at the same time as the photo shoot with Holy Night Story (click ^-^). Kafu and I walked through the city and our photographer photographed us at various locations.
 It was funny. :D
Kafu wore AatP's Vampire Requiem and I wore AP's Tiara Rose.
 Tiara Rose isn't a very popular print, but I like it a lot. The flowers on it are absolutely gorgeous.
Sorry, this blog entry is pretty picture-heavy. ^-^
Hope you like it.

Photographer: Falk Krönert
Editing: me :D
 (Sorry for the bad quality. The photos had a very low resolution, when I got them. >///<)

Close-up! It's pretty, isn't it? ^-^
This picture is kinda creepy. :D
That's all for today. ^-^ 
Thank you for reading!

Donnerstag, 5. Juli 2012

Outfits with AP's Ichigo Millefeuille

Hello readers!

For those who read the last blog entry: dramaaa.
I never write something like this again, because private things are private. And nobody wants to read this stuff. : D There are too many people who misunderstand too much.
There is simply too little humor and intelligence in the world. haha! Really! Why so serious?

I thought about writing the text in my blog in the future in german. It would be much easier for me.
But one person has convinced me to continue writing everything in english. ^-^
So you will still tortured with my horrible language skills.

Today I wanted to post pictures of a photo shoot. But then I decided to show first a few pictures where I'm wearing different outfits with AP's Ichigo Millefeuille. Because I do not keep this dress for a longer time and maybe someone can help me find the right combination of colours and clothes.
Then I will take a few photos with this outfit and after that it goes home to its future owner.

Ichigo Millefeuille by Angelic Pretty

 And here are my coords:
(sorry for the crapy picture quality and the creepy makeup...simply no skills and simple everyday makeup! :D)

First Outfit:
pink blouse, pink socks (with strawberries, but under knee, which I do not like that much),
 red shoes (to dark), pink headbow

 Second Outfit:
white blouse, white socks (with pink pattern and red bows), red shoes (to dark, but i own a white pair, maybe that would be better), white and red roses as headdress

Third Outfit:
red blouse (to dark), pink OTK socks with strawberries, red shoes (still to dark),
 pink headbow and red roses as headdress

And in the background in the last and first picture: my white bag and a matching umbrella.

I prefer the second outfit. But I'm not sure. Any opinions or suggestions? ^-^

 Thank you for reading!