Donnerstag, 5. Juli 2012

Outfits with AP's Ichigo Millefeuille

Hello readers!

For those who read the last blog entry: dramaaa.
I never write something like this again, because private things are private. And nobody wants to read this stuff. : D There are too many people who misunderstand too much.
There is simply too little humor and intelligence in the world. haha! Really! Why so serious?

I thought about writing the text in my blog in the future in german. It would be much easier for me.
But one person has convinced me to continue writing everything in english. ^-^
So you will still tortured with my horrible language skills.

Today I wanted to post pictures of a photo shoot. But then I decided to show first a few pictures where I'm wearing different outfits with AP's Ichigo Millefeuille. Because I do not keep this dress for a longer time and maybe someone can help me find the right combination of colours and clothes.
Then I will take a few photos with this outfit and after that it goes home to its future owner.

Ichigo Millefeuille by Angelic Pretty

 And here are my coords:
(sorry for the crapy picture quality and the creepy makeup...simply no skills and simple everyday makeup! :D)

First Outfit:
pink blouse, pink socks (with strawberries, but under knee, which I do not like that much),
 red shoes (to dark), pink headbow

 Second Outfit:
white blouse, white socks (with pink pattern and red bows), red shoes (to dark, but i own a white pair, maybe that would be better), white and red roses as headdress

Third Outfit:
red blouse (to dark), pink OTK socks with strawberries, red shoes (still to dark),
 pink headbow and red roses as headdress

And in the background in the last and first picture: my white bag and a matching umbrella.

I prefer the second outfit. But I'm not sure. Any opinions or suggestions? ^-^

 Thank you for reading!


  1. I'm glad you will continue to write in English <3 And you look wonderfull in that dress, I like all the combinations!

    1. Yes, it is better in english for all my non-german readers. ^-^
      Thank you for your kind words!<3

  2. third outfit is my fav!! *-*
    Please, continue writing in english ;_; I like reading your blog \o/

    1. Thank you for your comment. ^ - ^ I could not decide between the second and third. XD I'm still not really sure.
      Yes, don't worry. I will continue to write everything in english.
      There are too many readers who do not speak german. :D

  3. I have to second Mademoiselle Ana. I think the third coord is the best. Though your second coord seems better suited for summer. All the coords are cute, though!
    And your English is fantastic. There's no need to feel ashamed. (And you'll get more practice by writing it more, which could be helpful in the future).

  4. Thank you for your nice comment. ^ - ^
    Yes, that's exactly what I think. Brighter coords always seem to be better in summer. Right now it's so warm here, it's impossible to feel comfortable in Lolita.
    I'm not very confident when it comes to foreign languages. Back in school, all teachers (for languages) told me that I would be terribly bad. XD
    And yes, that's again exactly what i think. ^-^ To write this blog is a really good exercise.

  5. Lovely article, even though I am a few years late! I have this JSK in black and was looking for ideas to wear it a bit different. I have a bad habit of only coming up with one outfit per JSK and never changing it up.
    I am so glad you write in English.

    1. Thank you! I love this JSK. ^_^ I think the black and red versions of this print offer a lot of opportunities for different outfits.You can combine this dress with many different colours, because it looks good with white, pink, red, black or even mint.
      Haha, usually I've one favorite outfit with every dress, but I try to wear as many different outfits with a dress as possible. :D