Freitag, 13. Juli 2012

Photo shoot: city walk in AP and AatP

Hello readers!

Today I would like to post some photos from a little photo shoot some weeks ago.
 I wrote about it last time, but then I decided to post the Ichigo Millefeuille coords at first.
Those pictures were taken over a month ago. It was at the same time as the photo shoot with Holy Night Story (click ^-^). Kafu and I walked through the city and our photographer photographed us at various locations.
 It was funny. :D
Kafu wore AatP's Vampire Requiem and I wore AP's Tiara Rose.
 Tiara Rose isn't a very popular print, but I like it a lot. The flowers on it are absolutely gorgeous.
Sorry, this blog entry is pretty picture-heavy. ^-^
Hope you like it.

Photographer: Falk Krönert
Editing: me :D
 (Sorry for the bad quality. The photos had a very low resolution, when I got them. >///<)

Close-up! It's pretty, isn't it? ^-^
This picture is kinda creepy. :D
That's all for today. ^-^ 
Thank you for reading!