Montag, 26. Dezember 2011

Christmas Drawing 2011

 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

I had promised to draw a Christmas picture and here it is. ^ - ^ With the finished picture I want
to show you a few work in progress photos. Hope you like it. 
Unfortunately, I never manage to show my coloured pencil drawings in the right way, so the colours do not look so beautiful and rich in contrast as the original.

I´m so sorry for the bad quality. 
I've scanned it and the colors were all wrong
so I photographed it. Now it is closer to the original, but the colors are quite different. T_T

Thanks for reading! 

Donnerstag, 22. Dezember 2011

time before Christmas

 Hello! (^_^)
We celebrate a lot in my family in the time before Christmas. Maybe no more than usual, but it always feels like there were more of everything. More family parties, more meals, more delicious little snacks and more get-together in general. After that I weigh twice as much as before.
This time in pictures:

My brother and my sister ate this sundae at my grandpa's birthday. It's awesome, isn't it?
A beeswax candle. ^ - ^ This was the birthday of my grandma.
During a walk on the same day.
And this is the game we played this day.
Last week I met Kafurina. We had a little lolita meet. We walked through the city and visited the Christmas market. The people were very curious, and again they said some funny things to us. Actually, it's always like that. Finally I had the opportunity to wear my Holy Night Story. I'm so in love with this dress. Kafu wear her Stary Night Theatre wich is one of my dreamdresses too. She looked gorgeous. (^_^) The colors of the dresses match very well.

 Thanks for reading! 

Dienstag, 6. Dezember 2011

St Nicholas' Day ^-^

Today was a pretty busy day. 
On the 4th of December, I wanted to share my Advent calendar. 
But then I had no time to write or post something. ><
The calendar looks like a house with many windows, every window show from the
outside only silhouettes. In the opened window you can see various family scenes.

For a long time I did not have much time to draw. But for the 6th
of December and the 24th I will draw pictures.

 From right to left: my drawing for the St Nicholas' Day (today :D), sketch for the Christmas picture and Autumn drawing
some close-ups
sketch for the Nicholas' Day drawing
I always start with the face :D
On the hand of the left girl I've made a big mistake. Fortunately, you can not see it in the finished picture.
Done! ^___^

 Thanks for reading!

Freitag, 2. Dezember 2011

A huge joy before Christmas!

Actually, I wanted to post sooner, but it was not enough time.
Since 2010, I wanted Holy Night Story of Angelic Pretty and now it's finally mine! 
This dress with Headbow was my first and favorite gift this year.
It was among the 4 dresses that I want most. It has been definitely worth 
to wait for it. The dress is simply beautiful. Just before Christmas the print fits perfectly. <3
On the day of arrival, I quickly took a couple of pictures. Here are just some very simple snapshots of me. ^-^ 
I was wearing the dress without a wig and stuff like that. Sorry for the stupid face expression. >///< Very soon I'll get dressed again properly and with all accessories.

Before I had it myself, I admired the dress only on other girls. Most of all I love the red and green version. <3
Some pictures:
Found this pics on tumbrl. XD

Thanks for reading! ^-^

Sonntag, 27. November 2011

New print: Twinkle Carnival

At the the last time I wrote about the new print from Angelic Pretty "Decoration Dream". Meanwhile I have seen more pictures of this print and I do not like everything about it. The cakes and candy are cute, but the pony does not look nice.
For December was presented a new print. This is exactly my taste. I love gold prints and beautiful fabrics. ^ - ^

It was love at first sight and I hope I get one of these dresses.

Thanks for reading! ^-^

Samstag, 19. November 2011

The Agriculture Museum Blankenhain

Because of my studies, I visit quite a few museums. About a week ago I was in the Deutsches Landwirtschaftsmuseum Schloss Blankenhain (German Agricultural Museum Castle Blankenhain - maybe not translated correctly, I have not found an official translation). Before the open-air museum is closed during the winter, I visited it with my fellow students. 
Actually, I'm interested in anything that has to do with agriculture. But the manor and a few other houses were quite interesting. The museum consists of a larger complex of buildings and individual houses spread over the village. The houses have authentic furnishings from different time periods. It was like time travel. : D
Just a warning: This post is very picture-heavy. (All pictures by me)

I'm sorry for the poor quality of the pictures, but the light wasn't good and I didn't want use flashlight.

 Thanks for reading!

Mittwoch, 16. November 2011

New prints

There are some very nice new prints from Angelic Pretty and Baby the Stars Shine Bright.
I want to show you my favorites:

Alice and the Pirates: Wonder Toy 
The red JSK looks so pretty. I hope I get it.


Angelic Pretty: Decoration Dream
This print has everything I love: beautiful colors, a cute print, ponies and cake.



I create a new blog in addition to my livejournal.
Here I will basically post similar content: pictures drawn or painted by me, photos, fashion, Lolita, and so on.
I probably will not find time to write regularly here, but I will do my best. It will be rather simple in terms of language, because I'm not that good at foreign languages. ^-^