Donnerstag, 22. Dezember 2011

time before Christmas

 Hello! (^_^)
We celebrate a lot in my family in the time before Christmas. Maybe no more than usual, but it always feels like there were more of everything. More family parties, more meals, more delicious little snacks and more get-together in general. After that I weigh twice as much as before.
This time in pictures:

My brother and my sister ate this sundae at my grandpa's birthday. It's awesome, isn't it?
A beeswax candle. ^ - ^ This was the birthday of my grandma.
During a walk on the same day.
And this is the game we played this day.
Last week I met Kafurina. We had a little lolita meet. We walked through the city and visited the Christmas market. The people were very curious, and again they said some funny things to us. Actually, it's always like that. Finally I had the opportunity to wear my Holy Night Story. I'm so in love with this dress. Kafu wear her Stary Night Theatre wich is one of my dreamdresses too. She looked gorgeous. (^_^) The colors of the dresses match very well.

 Thanks for reading! 

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