Montag, 25. Juni 2012

Cute Can Kill review and personal text about a lie

Hello readers!

Today I will write about two very different topics.
First: Cute Can Kill!  I looooove this  jewelery and i love to post about it.
Secondly, I want to write about a big lie about me.
Actually, I did not want to write about this one topic, because probably I do exactly what these people want. But it happens again and again ...I'm tired of reading these lies about me.
After all, I give attention to these people. And that seems to be the one and only desperate desire of them.

Here we go!
Of course, I'll start with the positive part of this entry.
I ordered earlier by Cute Can Kill and was always very happy with it.
Their cute jewelry is characterized by beautiful colors and designs.
Cute Can Kill exists since 2008 and is based in Rome.
Some time ago (yes, this entry comes a bit late XD) they were selling some lucky packs.
I bought two lucky packs, one Fancy Bear LP (one teddy bear necklace, a bear ring, one pair of pastel stars earrings and a safety pin necklace) and a Double Flavour Ice Cream LP (a ice cream necklace, a ice cream ring, a 80's candy necklace and a angel bear phonestrap). There were several LPs with different themes and matching content.

Here are some pictures:

Securely packaged with cute rilakkuma tape. ^-^
Fancy Bear Lucky Pack (sorry, the light was not very good)
Double Flavour Ice Cream LP
And some close-ups of all items:

Everything is so cute and I especially love all the stuff with teddies.
The Cute Can Kill (click!) website always worth a visit! ^-^
The only negative point: the jewelry is usually sold out quickly, so it is not easy to get something. :D


The image is here to set the mood for what follows. :D

We come now to the less pleasant topic.
 It happens again and again that people (which I hopefully do not know, cause that would be sad) 
insult me as a man or boy.
 Maybe these people just do not know it better or think i would be male.
To these people: I am not a man / boy!
I never was and i never will be!

Other people write something like that maybe out of boredom, meanness or stupidity.
To these people: I feel really sorry for you.
I am sorry with all my heart for you and your sad life.

On the Internet everyone can write and steal images as he/she likes. 
I know that something like this can happen.
Basically, I do not care. I was never one of the popular kids and i was often teased in my childhood (and after that). What others say about me is not important to me.
But this lie
begins to annoy me.
It was written on various websites and first, I thought it would be always the same, poor person. By now I think there are several people who write I would be a man.
 People like this do not deserve to be noticed therefore I did not want to write anything about it.

 But this weekend there was a secret on the Lolita Secrets page of LiveJournal. It would be almost a Valentine, but it was written that I would be a "Brolita". That means it was an offense in front of a large audience. Since I am not well known, many people do not know who i am. Luckily.

 I wear Lolita just for me. I love this fashion and will always love it!
Others wanted to see pictures of me in Lolita, that is the reason I started to post this pictures.
I hope the poor, unnoticed people who enjoy their lies on the internet are happy now.
I give you attention! Because I am a nice person and always try to help others. ^-^
Everyone has his or her right to have an opinion. And everyone has the right to express his or her opinion.
 And that's my opinion.
 Live your life, ignores what others say.
 Try not to hurt others, because something like this demonstrates a bad character.
 I wish you all the best! Even the envious people and the fools out there.

Thanks for reading!
And sorry for the long text this time.

Freitag, 15. Juni 2012

Photo shoot: Holy Night Story

Hello readers! 

 I wanted to write much earlier.
 But this time it took me forever to edit the photos for my entry.
 The photos were taken a few weeks ago. It was at an event called the Wave Gothic Treffen.
 Well, not really at the event, because it is distributed over the whole city. There are many locations.
The photos were taken in the city (not at any of the event locations). :D
However, I do not want to write so much. Just one more thing: Thanks to my photographer.
 Thank you so much!

Yes, I wore Holy Night Story again. :D
This image was inspired by my blog header (it was the same location). ^ - ^
A little experiment with my editing program ...
 My photographer. Unfortunately, the camera angle is not very good (from below). :D

Thanks for reading!