Freitag, 15. Juni 2012

Photo shoot: Holy Night Story

Hello readers! 

 I wanted to write much earlier.
 But this time it took me forever to edit the photos for my entry.
 The photos were taken a few weeks ago. It was at an event called the Wave Gothic Treffen.
 Well, not really at the event, because it is distributed over the whole city. There are many locations.
The photos were taken in the city (not at any of the event locations). :D
However, I do not want to write so much. Just one more thing: Thanks to my photographer.
 Thank you so much!

Yes, I wore Holy Night Story again. :D
This image was inspired by my blog header (it was the same location). ^ - ^
A little experiment with my editing program ...
 My photographer. Unfortunately, the camera angle is not very good (from below). :D

Thanks for reading!


  1. Lolita fits you well even if you're a boy :3 Cute brolita ~

    1. If this is a seriously intentioned comment: Thank you! But I'm a girl.

      If this is an ironic post: Thank you!
      I hope you feel safe as an anonymous and I hope you're happy about my anger about comments like this.