Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2012

Final paper finished and some shopping news

Hello readers!
I handed in my final paper!

That was certainly one of the most difficult and stressful things I ever did. 
But then I felt very free. Now I do not have to sit and write and read  for hours.
I'm so sorry that I had so little time for friends and other stuff. My little turtleman has suffered the most.
But now I have time for him. Currently he runs mostly through his terrarium. That was annoying while writing. :D But now he comes out on the grass.

 I recently got a few parcels of stuff I ordered some time ago.
 This is not only a celebration post, it is also a post for shopping facilities. : D
I am often asked about places where you can buy Lolita clothes or generally sweet clothing or cute jewelry.
So, here are a few places where I bought some clothes recently.

The first parcels was from Loli-Loli Paradise. I've ordered from there before and i was always satisfied.
Negative is that the shipping often takes a long time. But it does not bother me much. The result counts. 
You have to schedule the time, if you need something specific for a convention or something.
I bought this:

Then I got my order from kawaii carnival. 
I have to preorder order the thights, so it took a very long time (two months or something).
Now they are finally here. ^-^ The print s really cute and i love the colours. 

 Then I bought some overknee socks. They are all from Angelic Pretty and all secoundhand.
The two pairs with candies are unworn. ^-^
I bought them from two different sellers on a sales community on livejournal.
It is a community for Lolitas and there are users from all over the world.
 You need an account on Livejournal to buy something there.

That's it for now.
This was a very image heavy post and i hope i could help some of you. ^-^

Thanks for reading!


  1. WOW first thing I saw was Olive jumping on the bed and I was thinking: PUSHING DAISIES <3

    Second thing I thought when I read this was: I LOVE THE GOLDEN SHOES :3 Amazing!

    Love the bag too btw ^^

  2. Thank you for your comment. <3
    I usually keep movies or tv series out of my blog (fan stuff in general) , but I love Pushing Daisies and the scene was perfect for what i wanted to say. ^-^
    gold shoes! that′s fantastic, isn′t it? It was love at first sight. XD