Mittwoch, 31. Mai 2017

Poupée ~ Lolita fashion - skirts! ~ Challenge March 2016

Hello readers!

Here we are again. I try to catch up, so that I can post every month the dress-ups of the month before.
As I wrote in the last poupée-entry, this is probably not a very interesting post for people who don't like games and dolls etc. but I've a guilty pleasure and that's poupée girl.
I'll write the same introduction every time with only little changes, the challenge theme for example.

For a while now I make my own monthly - in the past weekly - themes or challenges. I think that makes dressing up even more fun.
My challenge for march 2016: Lolita fashion - skirts!
I added some close-up pictures, because it's sometimes hard to see all the little amazing details poupee items have.

 I've so many skirts that I'll do this again. But here are some of my favorites, like the darkblue skirt with the constellation print and the one after that with the roses and the transparent overskirt.
At the moment I try to edit all the pictures of our local Lolita comms christmas and to I started to make an entry about that event. Hopefully it's done soon. Because I'm so done already.

Thanks for reading,