Sonntag, 26. Mai 2013

Photo shoot: From the golden horses and the stony lion

Hello readers! (^__^)/

Last weekend was the Wave-Gotik-Treffen (WGT) in Leipzig. For the first time in many years, I didn't bought a ticket for that festival. I would have gladly bought one, but it's getting more and more expensive every year (but it's still one of the inexpensive festivals here in Germany) and last year I noticed that it doesn't worth for me to buy a ticket. Anyway, I still like it. I like the atmosphere and I like to see all the creative and well styled people. So I decided to go at least to the Victorian Picnic, which takes place every year in the park, and for what you don't need to buy a ticket. ^_^

The last years I always wore bright coloured outfits to bring some colour to the mainly black coloured crowd.
This year I wore two black dresses: Twinkle Carnival for the picnic (Friday) and Day Dream Carnival on Sunday to a little photo shoot.

 Before we went to the picnic, we took some photos at a great location near the Park.
So, here you have many pictures of me. This time I combined the black Twinkle Carnival not with red, only with black and gold.

And here's a photo of my lovely photographer (left). She thinks she wouldn't be photogenic, but I took a number of great pictures of her. ^_^ And on the right is a picture of Nekonne. She always looks well styled, even if weird mods of a german community say she wouldn't be Lolita enough. °_^

That's all for today!
The next entry will be another entry about the trip to the Netherlands.
And after that I'll write about the photo shoot with Day Dream Carnival.

Thanks for reading! (^_^)/

Freitag, 10. Mai 2013

Trip to the Netherlands II

Hello readers! (^__^) /

And here it comes, the second part of my trip to the Netherlands. With arrival and return it was a 9 days long trip, so I splitt the entries about the whole journey.

Between this entry and the third (and last part), I'm going to post something to the next Lolita meetup. And maybe I'll finally post an entry to a drawing, on which I've been working since an eternity.

In the first entry to the Netherlands, I wrote about the first two days (3 if you count the day of our arrival).
As these first few days, the other days were very packed with the tour program. It was a seminar in a trip with a lot of information in a very short time. XD We saw a lot, but often only for a very short time.
Well, on the third day we went to Den Haag. There we walked through the government district. Only a few policemen stood around there. One wore a funny police race bike uniform or something like this. Haha. I took about 50 photos that day. But I made a very small selection of photos for my blog and the pictures from the government district are not among them.
Just recently I got a nice compliment of one of my old tutors, who said, all my vacation photos could be on a postcard. °O° Wow, this was unexpected. And really nice. ^_^

We walked to the Gemeentemuseum and on the way we passed a shop window of a flower shop in which this dog sat. Many shop owners have their pets in their stores. That's not common in Germany.
Spring everywhere. \(^_^)/ At this time it was a lot colder in Germany. XD It's been a while.
It wasn't allowed to take pictures in the Gemeentemuseum. I took this picture afterwards next to the museum. Some cars and other vehicles were planted and I guess it was some kind of art. I had no time to read the text to it, but there was one.
Then we went to Utrecht. We saw the St. Martin's Cathedral (Dom church), unfortunately we couldn't go inside at that time. It's worth a visit. The dome church has the tallest tower in the Netherlands. And there was this beautiful
Here it is. It looks great, doesn't it?
My first thought was: Wow, that would be a great photo location! ^_^
That's me in my casual-convenient-travel-whatever clothes. And just a reminder: 30 km/h wind speed. XD We all looked completely ...let's say "blown away". But: Lolita in this location would look so great, wouldn't it? ^___^
I took like 20 pictures just from the cloister. ^____^
That was in front of the museum Catharijneconvent. The light was beautiful. After that we visited the Centraal Museum. Both were interesting, but I liked the second one more.
In the Centraal Museum were also exhibited furniture and crafts beside the paintings.
And the cloakroom was great! There hung a lot of historical mirrors. And that's me again. XD
When we came back I took a picture from the train station in Amsterdam. I liked the building, but we had never enough time, so I couldn't take good pictures.
On the way to our hostel, we always passed the Maritime Museum.
I like cities with water views. It always looks great. The setting sun added a little colour to the scenery. ^-^
If you get the opportunity: walk through Amsterdam at night. It's interesting. ;D But you better shouldn't go alone, as I did. That wasn't a good idea. Really, it was not a good idea. XD Let me be very clear: Do not do that!
 So, that's all for today.

Let me just say a few words about the Snooker World Championships 2013. Yes,the finals were at the beginning of the week and this entry comes a little late, but I was happy to see Ronnie O'Sullivan winning the titel again. I always love to see him play, even if the final sessions were not as expected.
Let's see what the future brings. I also like to watch other players games, but to watch O'Sullivan's was always special. But I also understand that it was very stressful for him.
 So, these few lines as a Tribute for Ronnie.

Enough of sports. 
And yes, I like to watch sports. 
But only when the sportsmen are well-dressed. XD

 As I wrote already the next entry will be probably about a lolita meetup.
Or about one of my older-never-finished-but-now-finally-finished drawings. ^u^

Thank you for reading! (^_^)/

Mittwoch, 1. Mai 2013

Moonlight Melodies

Hello readers! (^_^)/

Today is a holiday and I finally write an entry, I wanted to write for days. As already mentioned, I worked on a new header. As always, I drew terribly slooooow. I took my time, especially for the colouration.
But then, the drawing was finally finished. (^___^)
Unusually (for me) I'm satisfied with the drawing.
First, I wanted to use a photo of me for the new header. Some of you may see my FBM entry.
And you may remember this picture:

I really love my blue Milky Planet, but in my old header was the biggest picture a photo with Holy Night Story, which I love too. And just a photo for the new So I decided to take this photo as a reference for a drawing!
Hello there, first sketch!
More details...but some things changed to the finished drawing. The print is inspired by APs Holy Night Story.
When I was in the middle of the coloring process, I almost gave up. >///<
Detail of the head. At first I thought I messed up her hair. But luckily I could correct the colour.

Here it is! There is no background, because in the header this part is transparent. Unfortunately, I have failed at this point. It's not well done, but I'll continue to look for a better solution.
I hope you like my new header! (^_^)

And why Moonlight Melodies?
Because I've been using the name Louyse Lalelu for a long time. The "Lalelu" is from a lullaby for children. And it fits perfectly with my first name. Usually lullabies are sung in the evening or at night, so the blog name should have something to do with the night. It should sound dreamy. And there should be two words that go together. Moonlight Melodies by Louyse Lalelu. I think it's a good name. ^__^ What do you think?

 Thank you for reading! (^_^)/