Mittwoch, 14. Februar 2018

Love Nikki

Hello readers,

long time no see. I try to catch up with everything, but I'm very busy. In the meantime, I like to play casual games. They don't take to much time but are calming and anxiety reducing to me. Poupee is still amazing and now there is a game called Love Nikki. The design is just beautiful. It's also a dress up game but with some more gaming aspects, like an actual plot and stages to master.
Today I just share my first few outfits.

The following are made in the starry corridor. It's the place you can be most creative in the game. First I just wanted to save my avatar nikki somewhere every time I changed her, but recently I started to make more elaborate combinations. They have different sizes because I didn't cut them all the same way.

Until here I just saved my avatars. The one on the right is the first outfit with a theme. It's a real icon: Marylin Monroe.
The one down here on the right is the closest I could dress nikki like me in real life with the clothes I owned in the game at this point.
One cute music idol and my entry for a guess the character challenge.
The musical cats in a picture and my birthstone sapphire. Both for challenges.
The first one here is for the first challenge of my association with the theme cats. I got zero votes. But at least I like my outfit. The second one is my chinese zodiac: dragon.
There is an anime character challenge and so I did some from Sailor Moon. Ray and Haruka.
Hotaru and Minako. Someone took a group picture with Hotaru and Chibi-usa. That made me happy.
The first one is the complete miss bone suit because I love it and wanted a picture. Usually I think it's lazy to use full suits. Kind of uncreative. Just like in Lolita fashion. But that's just me, do what you like. The second picture shows my fav avatar so far. 
This was a before and after challenge. A peasant that gets the chance to be a princess or queen.
The one on the right here is the first group picture I took. Someone made a beautiful fairy and I used her nikki for my cinderella interpretation.
The dress with the roses is from the valentines event. It seems some people think the design is weird. I like it. The second picture is another group picture. I loved her outfit. It's the one on the right.
On the left you see the other valentines suit. I think this is way weirder. I like the rest of the outfit, but the dress is not the prettiest. She is the nikki of someone from my friends list. I made her a date for valentine's day. The one on the right was a gold heart challenge. There are animated clothes or items and they have gold hearts instead of red. I don't have that much so she doesn't wear a lot.

 Then I made some outfits for a challenge that has a theme and every user can vote. I'm not convinced by the system though. In the voting section you get always two nikkis to choose from and you vote for the one you like better. Than the next two niikis appear and so on. It seems pretty random. Not the best or prettiest outfits get the most votes. Just the one that appear to the most users for the voting.
Maybe I just don't understand how it works.

The last one shows the current theme. But I changed my outfit. This did not seem close enough to sweet gift.

The game is very nice to look at. I love the clothes and wish I could get some of them in real life. Sadly it's a very greedy game. It makes it really hard for free player, especially when it comes to events and special suits.
That's it for today. I hope I can post an entry with some pictures of the last LBM soon. It's nearly time for the next one.

Thanks for reading,