Dienstag, 13. März 2018

LBM 2017 Part II

Hello readers,

only a two weeks left and than it's time again to enter the train for the book fair in Leipzig. I never posted the pictures from sunday last year, so I decided to make a picture heavy post since I think it's a pity to not make this entry and show all the amazing outfits. I recommend looking at the pictures in the full viewing mode because the by blogger compressed pictures look not as good and sharp as they actually do.
And sorry, but this is a picture heavy entry. As always actually.

I start with the first pictures I took that day. Sadly I don't know who these two are, but I liked the outfits. They are very bright and on the edge to a costume but very well balanced and amazingly detailed. It was the first time I saw Marine Kingdom from Angelic Pretty in real life and it's a cute print. Nothing I'd wear though. The time I wore OTT Sweet is not entirely over, but now darker colours and mature styles are more my cup of tea. But I'm so happy to see other people in super sweet styles and pastel colours.
Pauline all black. I think the skirt is from Bodyline and one of the rare pieces from them that I really like. The AP bag and little accessories give the outfit a alice in wonderland touch.
Nora in AP's Rose Museum. It's a beautiful print and I love the short hair with the outfit. It's rare and such a cute look.
I never saw this Innocent World dress in person and I have to say, it's hard to capture it in pictures. Katjes outfit has three things I really love: a nice dark blue colour, gold accents and constellations.
And another look in blue with gold details. I'm not sure about AP's Celestial, but this OP is beautiful. Andreas (hope that I remembered the name right) cross necklace is gorgeous and definitely something I would wear everyday.
Sadly I'm not sure about anything here anymore, but that bunny print is simply adorable.
Lydia wore Cirque du L'Étoile by AP and I loved that because I love looking at that dress. Someday, I'll buy it but until that day I admire it on others.
Marcia in Ode to Rococo by Neverland. The print has really pretty details. I love prints with portraits, paintings and jewellery.
The next two co-ords are emerald with brown and that is a just perfect colour combination. The Innocent World bolero Susi wore may be seen everywere, but I still love it and think it's beautiful. Also the necklace is just perfect and such a nice detail.
Books are my weak spot and Royal Library by Innocent World one of my fav dresses. It's easy to wear, not tobusy and it has some gold details in the print. This emerald green version is amazing and I even think it looks prettier than the wine colourway I own.
This headpiece is by Sweet Mildred I believe. It's a real book!
 Annettes Outfit is so seasonal. Book fair is always at the end of winter and sometimes there is still snow outside and usually it's quite cold. Self made outfits are alwyas special. They are more unique. People in bought dresses are often so uncreative. It's nice some people still make their own clothes.
Unfortunately I didn't took any pictures of Hester alone. But I like how the pictures with her and Annette came out. They are nice contrasts in colour and theme.
Hester took some pictures of me that day. Thank you! I wore my beloved Royal Unicorn by AP. It's an amazing dress with the most perfect fabric.
Dress, Headdress, OTKs: Angelic Pretty / Blouse: Dear Celine / Shoes: Secret Shop or Antaina (i keep forgetting that) / Underskirt: made by Nora (Thank you!) / Accessories: H&M, Claires and other
This was one of the booths. Looks pretty, doesn't it? Even if I haven't the time this year I hope there are lots of nice booths.
In the exhibition halls the light is always very bad, but I met two Lolitas there and wanted to photograph them anyway. The jewellery and details were so pretty.

That's it for now. It took long enough to post these. I'm in the last phase of my masters thesis and I have a job so I have not really a lot of time. I have to work on Sunday and Saturday is awful. That's the day way to many people are coming to the fair. So I decided today, that the only day I could visit the book fair this year is friday. I am sad about that but it's only one month left and after that my life will hopefully change to the better. Next year I'll have more time and one day is still better than nothing.

Thank you for reading!