Donnerstag, 25. April 2013

50 facts - Just some numbers.

Hello readers! (^_^)/

Found this tag on YouTube. Usually I don’t participate in this tag things. But I really enjoy watching this videos and reading some facts about other bloggers, that's why I decide to try to show you all a little bit more of me with 50 facts. It wasn’t that easy as expected.
Maybe it's super boring, but I hope it’s also somehow interesting. I like these tags, because sometimes you can see that other people also have some funny or strange habits.

I don't want to write down blogs which should participate. Everyone can join or not.
 There's not much Lolita in the 50 facts, I'll make an entry for the Lolita tag.
 Eventually. Soon. The answers are more difficult. ^_^

 First, I planned to post from now on everything in English and German. But then I didn't feel like it. To translate everything into German would be too much work. >///<

1. Master of Arts. That’s what I am when I've finished my current studies. Sounds cool, doesn't it? To be master of something is cool.
2. Poupee and tumblr appear first in my list of most visited pages.
3. My hair has always been long. My mother just cut the tips.
4. I like going to the dentist.
5. I'm talking to objects. (What are you fu&%§?ing doing, Blogger? Why did you change the f&$§?ing font size?)
6. I'm a city girl. But I really like nature. It's fun to take pictures in nature. But it's also fun in the city.
7. I learned English after school. In school I had bad grades and a teacher who told me that I'm just not able to learn this language and that I never will get better.
8. Since elementary school I learned English, French, Russian, Latin, and also a few simple things in another 5 languages.
9. I believe the time is something subjective. Whenever I need more, it's too little. Yeah, it's something Wibbly-Wobbly.
10. Maps, world maps and globes are great. I also love them as "pattern" for bags and clothes. And I've some maps on my walls.

At the moment, everything blooms. That's pretty. But the pollen allergy is a little annoying.
11. I'm deeply in love with science, but I decide to study something in the field of humanities.
12. I’ve a turtle. He’s a boy and my little child.
13. Currently I’ve 20 different types of tea at home, but I love good espresso.
14. My brother has two sisters. Poor thing.
15. I'm kind of obsessed with gold prints. It's clearly evident on my wishlist of Lolita dresses.
16. No clothing is better for men than suits.
17. I love food. And photos of food. Foodporn! Yeah!
18. Language is a kind of a personal obsession. I love well formulated language and well-written texts. This is also the reason why I'm constantly worried about my own texts. (This relates more to German. My English isn't good enough.)
19. Just give me good dark chocolate, and I'm your friend.
20. Often I behave somewhat boyish and many girlish things aren't not really my cup of tea. Sometimes I'm a little afraid to be a bit too boyish.

I finally wore Day Dream Carnival. It's beautiful. I really want to take good pictures with it.
21. In school, I got a note on my school report that I draw too much in the lessons.
22. I love piano music. Unfortunately, I'm terribly bad at playing the piano. But that's okay. There also have to exist some listeners for all the music.
23. I've a love-hate relationship with the Internet.
24. The same goes for book film adaptations.
25. The name of our first guineapig was Merlin.
26. The name of my turtle is Great A'Tuin.
27. Sometimes I drink a cup of hot vegetable stock in the evening or at night.
28. Dogs scare me to death. I've Cynophobia. It's my worst phobia. I'm also afraid of heights. No, that's not true. Actually, I'm afraid of the depth...You know what I mean?
29. I got my first camera from my grandparents when I was in elementary school. Since then, I see life through the viewfinder.
30. Train journeys are so relaxing. I also like to drive by car. The only vehicle that I don't like is the plane. All the metal in the air is not natural. No really, how is that even possible?

This is a detail of the drawing for my new blog header. I'm so slow. Hope I finish it soon.
31. I draw since I'm able to hold a pen.
32. Nail polishes are beautiful. I bought some of the colours only because I love how the polish looks in the bottle.
33. I'm a TV junkie.
34. I like to see good looking people. That sounds creepy, but it's the same, as looking at a good painting, beautiful flowers or pretty nature scenery.
35. My room is full of books.
36. My favorit colour is blue. And green. Can't decide.
37. In school, I was one of those quiet-uncool-but-not-too-stupid people.
38. In the rare moments when I use paint and when there's something to drink standing on the table at the same time...then I dip my brush often in the wrong fluid. Or worse.
39. I hate to make calls. I really hate it. Even with people I like. Haha. By the way, for a long time I had no mobile. Even now it's sometimes months off and unloaded somewhere in the corner. Okay, it's useful as watch.
40. I can spend hours watching makeup tutorials, piano players and sometimes other stuff on Youtube.

It's a dream! Really, it's gorgeous. <3
41. I'm allergic to sun. If it's really bad, I look like the Michelin Man.
42. I'm also allergic to most sun creams. Not a good combination.
43. Autumn is great. Like this season the most. Spring is also nice.
44. My eyes are brown and green. It's a funny colour. I always wished to have my mother's green eyes.
45. I love book and film references.
46. The fresh green of the plants in spring is something special. I like it. Another!
47. In elementary school I wanted to be an archaeologist. Or at least I wanted to do something with historical artifacts.
48. I've 3 rings that I wear almost every day.
49. Sloths are cool. I would like to be one.
50. My shoe wardrobe consists of one half VANs, and one half Lolita and chic shoes.

One of my favorite VANs. I took this picture last Tuesday. It was super sunny. >///<

Thanks for reading! (^_^)/
If anyone really reads all this. XD
It's so much text, sorry. Oh, by the way, don't take everything too serious! ^____^

Samstag, 20. April 2013

Trip to the Netherlands I

Hello readers! (^__^) /

As I mentioned in the last entry, I was in the Netherlands. It's is one of our neighboring countries, but I visited it for the first time. It was a study tour. This means that the acquisition of new knowledge was the main concern of everything. And that means, we weren't there to party or just to hang around. ( ^u^) The program was packed and there wasn't much time for the individual trip stations or freetime. It was okay for me, because we have seen so much of the places and everything. Although it was a shame that we only had half an hour in some museums. >///<
Our hostel was in Amsterdam. But we went to Haarlem, Den Haag, Utrecht, Leiden and Delft. The days were usually so exhausting that we arrived completely done at the hotel in the evening. (≧∇≦) I loved what I've seen in this nine days!
These days, I took about 700 photos. It's not that much (for me). o(▽≦)o I show you a few of my photos so that you might gain a little impression of a part of the northern Netherlands. I'll split the post so it's not to much in one entry.
That was a good landmark on the way to our the hostel. ^___^
These pictures are all from the second day, because we arrived late on our first day. The weather was so nice and sunny and it was warmer than in Germany. Unfortunately it was also much windier. Every day the wind strength was around 30 km /h. Not good for my hair. XD
This year I saw the first early bloomers in the Netherlands. That was in front of the Hermitage Amsterdam. We were in a Van Gogh exhibition. No print can reproduce his paintings correctly. They are simply wonderful in person.
Cute ducky. ^. ^ Amsterdam is a dream for ornithologists. Haha, no really! There were so many different birds (water birds).
Miffy /Nijntje comes from the Netherlands. You could buy a lot of things with Miffy.
This is the Westerkerk in Amsterdam. It was built in the 17th century. And there was a cheese shop in the church. I've never seen something like this before. XD
Inside the Westerkerk. It shows a lot typical architectural and interior features. Like the vaulted ceiling, the chandeliers, the calvinistic whitewashed walls or the metal brackets in the arches. (Sorry if the terms are not correct. I'll give my best, but in technical terms the translation is difficult. >///<)
The organ was beautiful. I particularly liked the paintings on the shutters (Don't know the right term, sorry  ><). There were various musical instruments on a white ground. You may don't see it on my picture. Or do you?
At the Dam was a kind of fair.
Inside the Oude Kerk. It's the oldest preserved building in Amsterdam. There was an Exhibition of Modern art in this old building. A somehow weird and sometimes disturbing mixture. Here, for example, you can see a circle of feet.
Antother picture of the Oude Kerk.
The next day wasn't so sunny. We traveled to Harlem. This is the Sint-Bavokerk. First we visited the Frans Hals Museum. (No pictures, because in the most museums it's not allowed to take pictures.)
Inside the Bavokerk.
There were some beautiful wall paintings in the church.  But I'm not sure if well preserved under the whitewash or if it just imitates the old paint.
The eagle lectern is great, isn't it? In all the churches we visited the entire floor consist of gravestones. You might see it on this picture.
One of the best cheesecakes I ever ate. I looove cheescake. This one had a biscuit base. <3
This is the bathroom of the café. It was pretty cool. At first I was confused. There was no button or something on the tap. The water came, when you use the foot pedal. XD
This is the upward view in the entrance of the Teylers Museum. They've a nice scientific collection. We visited the museum mainly for an exhibition of the flower painter Pierre-Joseph Redouté. (I love his work!) We had in the previous semester a seminar on flower painting. So we had a resuming digression here. Our professors definitely know how to pack a lot of information (really a lot. No really, you've no idea. XD)  in a very short time.

These were the first two days. I'll write more entries about the trip later. I hope it's at least a little interesting.
 Soon, I might also post the 50 facts tag thing and the Lolita tag whatever. Normally I don't do something like this, but I found it quite funny after all the 50 facts youtube videos I saw the past few weeks. ^____°

Thank you for reading! (^_^)/

Samstag, 13. April 2013

Funfairfight and hype - APs Day Dream Carnival Series

Hello readers! (^_^)/

The new semester recently started and I just came back from a study trip. We were in the Netherlands and I will definitely post about it later (as always, I took many photos).

When I came back, my Day Dream Carnival was in the mail! I was very excited, especially after I had already seen a couple of pictures and close-ups on other blogs.
Sure, this print is highly hyped. But now that I see it in person, it's a understandable hype.
As always it's a matter of taste. Some like it and others not. A lot of people seem to like this print.
 The release was crazy. This series was sold out unbelievably fast.
And you could immediately find it in auctions at super high prices. At this point I was glad to have it safely.
For sure, for me personally, this series is perfect. It has a lot of what I love:
a carousel print, ponies, many details and there's even gold in the print.

After the chaotic first release, Angelic Pretty released a brief statement and now there's a second release with reservation. So now really everyone has a chance.
Here is a picture with an overview of the available colours and items of Angelic Pretty:

Somehow the JSK with tulle overskirt is especially popular.
I like the dresses always best when I love the details, but for me the whole picture has to be good.
 And I like it when the frontbow sits on the waist and not on the bust area of the dress.
I like the cut of the OPs best. ^-^ Et plus, the tulle looks cheap to me. >///<
I really love the series, but some items are not my cup of tea. This anklesocks...sorry no. XD

I bought the dress with thights and headbow. First I really want the white or blue version.
Then I got the black set, and now I'm very happy with it. Maybe I try to get the blue version someday.

I'm so in love with the print. No photo can capture this beauty.
 But I still want to show you some pictures. ^___^

And my first attempt at an outfit with Day Dream Carnival:

 Thank you for reading!
I'll be back soon with a few photos of the Netherlands.