Samstag, 13. April 2013

Funfairfight and hype - APs Day Dream Carnival Series

Hello readers! (^_^)/

The new semester recently started and I just came back from a study trip. We were in the Netherlands and I will definitely post about it later (as always, I took many photos).

When I came back, my Day Dream Carnival was in the mail! I was very excited, especially after I had already seen a couple of pictures and close-ups on other blogs.
Sure, this print is highly hyped. But now that I see it in person, it's a understandable hype.
As always it's a matter of taste. Some like it and others not. A lot of people seem to like this print.
 The release was crazy. This series was sold out unbelievably fast.
And you could immediately find it in auctions at super high prices. At this point I was glad to have it safely.
For sure, for me personally, this series is perfect. It has a lot of what I love:
a carousel print, ponies, many details and there's even gold in the print.

After the chaotic first release, Angelic Pretty released a brief statement and now there's a second release with reservation. So now really everyone has a chance.
Here is a picture with an overview of the available colours and items of Angelic Pretty:

Somehow the JSK with tulle overskirt is especially popular.
I like the dresses always best when I love the details, but for me the whole picture has to be good.
 And I like it when the frontbow sits on the waist and not on the bust area of the dress.
I like the cut of the OPs best. ^-^ Et plus, the tulle looks cheap to me. >///<
I really love the series, but some items are not my cup of tea. This anklesocks...sorry no. XD

I bought the dress with thights and headbow. First I really want the white or blue version.
Then I got the black set, and now I'm very happy with it. Maybe I try to get the blue version someday.

I'm so in love with the print. No photo can capture this beauty.
 But I still want to show you some pictures. ^___^

And my first attempt at an outfit with Day Dream Carnival:

 Thank you for reading!
I'll be back soon with a few photos of the Netherlands.


  1. sooooooo schön! danke für die bilder :)

    ich hätt gern den schwarzen tüll jsk... vielleicht dann irgendwann im september wenn der rest released wird *hoff*

    freu mich schon auf bilder von dir im op <3

  2. oh, dann drück ich dir schonmal die daumen für das zweite release! :)
    in echt ist es noch so viel schöner, als auf den fotos. ich war total überwältig. und du hattest recht: jetzt finde ich es in schwarz perfekt.
    wenn du es auch hast, können wirs zusammen tragen. ^___^

  3. OMG! the tights are to die for!!!
    congrats for the beautiful set!

  4. Ahw du warst in den Niederlanden? Ahw ich mag auch wieder hin! T ^T"
    Der Print ist wirklich schön! Steht dir sicherlich auch total gut!
    Ich finde bei den AP Brandkleidern so schade, dass der Stoff so steif ist, aber sonst das Design ist famós! <3

    1. Ja, ich war in den Niederlanden! Es war toll und ich will auch zurück! ^-^
      Gerade das der Stoff etwas steifer ist, find ich gut. Das hab ich bei dem dünnen Sugary Carnival besonders gemerkt. Der dünne Stoff knittert so leicht, egal ob man ihn vorher aufbü schaut immer ungebügelt aus. >///< Fester Stoff fällt irgendwie schöner. ^_^;