Dienstag, 26. März 2013

Book Fair Leipzig 2013 - Don't throw the turtles!

Hello readers! (^_^)/

About a week and a half ago it was time for the LBM again. The book fair in Leipzig is always a really nice event at the beginning of the year. I always look forward to this event, especially since I only meet some people this one time in a year.

This year I was very unprepared when it comes to my outfits. ^-^;
 Weeks before I decided to wear something pink on Friday, on Saturday something blue or green and something black or white on Sunday.  (▽≦)

 The decision on Sunday was the most difficult. Actually, I planned to wear Day Dream Carnival, but it wasn't released. Now it's out and I was lucky enough to get something. If you followed the release and everything that's going on: when I say I was lucky, I really, really mean I was lucky! I'll definitely write a blog post about DDC. (-_°)

 Three days book fair that means: be careful, it's a photo-heavy entry!

 My outfit on Friday: Sugary Carnival. I really love this print, but I think I'll sell the pink version. Pink is just really not my colour.I tried to combine the pink with purple. Unfortunately, I've no photo with my purple bag. > < It looks somehow incomplete without the bag.
My lilablabliblup Schnatterinchen was on Friday and Sunday at the fair. She's so much more photogenic than she thinks. ^-^ Yes, you are! And she took a lot of pictures for me with me.

Many things were sold at the fair. Also a lot of super cute cuddly animals. This pastel coloured alpacas were very popular this year. But woar, the big version was pretty expensive. (ノ゚0)
As I said, I met some nice people at the fair. That was really cool.
Friday I met Danni, Fahr (not as Loki, but in the beautiful Toy March) and Nina. (/^^)/
 Next day, on Saturday I finally wore Chess Chocolate. I thought about it last year but then I don't wore it. I really, really love that print and the outfit should be something special.

Berrii took a lot of really nice pictures with my camera.
Fahr Loki and I did a number of cool pictures together on this day. ^U^

There were many great cosplayers as every year. I met Nina again on Saturday. She was a great Harley Quinn. And Fahr was great as always. Furthermore I photographed the best Black Widow I've ever seen. :D

The last day I wore my beloved Twinkle Carnival. Actually, I planned to wear my Wonder Party, since I had never wore this dress to a bigger event too.
Hard decision, but Twinkle Carnival won. ^____^
 Unfortunately, I am very, very unhappy with this outfit. >///< No, it's not the outfit, it's the hair. I really don't like it. It ruines every photo. That was a bad decision, I regret it very much. T_T

Maria and Isa. I was glad to be able to photograph them.
Also, I was happy with all the others I could photograph at the weekend! (^_^)/

It was a nice weekend and I'm looking forward to next year

Thank you for reading! (^_^)/

P.S.:  Sorry for the weird font size and formatting. Somehow Blogspot doesn't work properly. -_-


  1. Also wenn ich mich entscheiden müsste, würde ich sagen, am schönsten war das Samstag-Outfit <3
    Einfach alles perfekt! :D
    Wobei ich auch deine goldenen Schuhe vom Sonntag so anliebe <3
    Solche fehlen mir auch noch in meiner Sammlung! ^^
    Es war toll dich zu treffen! :)

    PS: habe deine Schildkröten gefüttert xD

    1. Das seh ich genauso. ^_^ Das ist auch das einzige, mit dem ich wirklich glücklich bin.:D
      Haha, ja die Schuhe sind auch meine große Liebe. <3 Ich kann sie nur weiter empfehlen. Das gibt allem etwas edles.
      Ich fand es auch toll, dich zu treffen! :)
      Yeah! Aber nur füttern und nicht werfen. XD

  2. Es war so toll dich wiederzusehn ^___^
    Und du sahst so hübsch aus *O*
    Warum denkst du, dass die Perücke nicht zu Twinkle Carnival passt?

  3. Ja! Ich fand es auch toll. ^_^
    Vielen Dank! Du auch. Es ist so schade, dass ich dich Freitag nicht gesehen hab, dass Outfit schaut auf den Fots so toll aus. ^O^
    Ach, die Perücke ist immer nach hinten gerutscht und wenn das Pony so weit oben ist entsteht so ein für mein Gesicht ungünstiger Rahmen aus Haaren. >///<