Dienstag, 26. März 2013

Book Fair Leipzig 2013 - Don't throw the turtles!

Hello readers! (^_^)/

About a week and a half ago it was time for the LBM again. The book fair in Leipzig is always a really nice event at the beginning of the year. I always look forward to this event, especially since I only meet some people this one time in a year.

This year I was very unprepared when it comes to my outfits. ^-^;
 Weeks before I decided to wear something pink on Friday, on Saturday something blue or green and something black or white on Sunday.  (▽≦)

 The decision on Sunday was the most difficult. Actually, I planned to wear Day Dream Carnival, but it wasn't released. Now it's out and I was lucky enough to get something. If you followed the release and everything that's going on: when I say I was lucky, I really, really mean I was lucky! I'll definitely write a blog post about DDC. (-_°)

 Three days book fair that means: be careful, it's a photo-heavy entry!

 My outfit on Friday: Sugary Carnival. I really love this print, but I think I'll sell the pink version. Pink is just really not my colour.I tried to combine the pink with purple. Unfortunately, I've no photo with my purple bag. > < It looks somehow incomplete without the bag.
My lilablabliblup Schnatterinchen was on Friday and Sunday at the fair. She's so much more photogenic than she thinks. ^-^ Yes, you are! And she took a lot of pictures for me with me.

Many things were sold at the fair. Also a lot of super cute cuddly animals. This pastel coloured alpacas were very popular this year. But woar, the big version was pretty expensive. (ノ゚0)
As I said, I met some nice people at the fair. That was really cool.
Friday I met Danni, Fahr (not as Loki, but in the beautiful Toy March) and Nina. (/^^)/
 Next day, on Saturday I finally wore Chess Chocolate. I thought about it last year but then I don't wore it. I really, really love that print and the outfit should be something special.

Berrii took a lot of really nice pictures with my camera.
Fahr Loki and I did a number of cool pictures together on this day. ^U^

There were many great cosplayers as every year. I met Nina again on Saturday. She was a great Harley Quinn. And Fahr was great as always. Furthermore I photographed the best Black Widow I've ever seen. :D

The last day I wore my beloved Twinkle Carnival. Actually, I planned to wear my Wonder Party, since I had never wore this dress to a bigger event too.
Hard decision, but Twinkle Carnival won. ^____^
 Unfortunately, I am very, very unhappy with this outfit. >///< No, it's not the outfit, it's the hair. I really don't like it. It ruines every photo. That was a bad decision, I regret it very much. T_T

Maria and Isa. I was glad to be able to photograph them.
Also, I was happy with all the others I could photograph at the weekend! (^_^)/

It was a nice weekend and I'm looking forward to next year

Thank you for reading! (^_^)/

P.S.:  Sorry for the weird font size and formatting. Somehow Blogspot doesn't work properly. -_-

Donnerstag, 14. März 2013

I'm still alive! ^-^

Hello readers! (^__^) /

Yes, I'm still alive! Sorry for the long break, but I've a lot of work to do. (σ)

A lot happened in that time. I was pretty exhausted. I had to write three papers. Two of the themes of these papers were not really my thing. Actually, I'm quite good to motivate myself, even for terrible or boring tasks...but this time it was very hard for me. Just yesterday I realized that I spent a lot of my time in the library. I was in the library everyday for over a month! Actually, I like libraries ... but that was just terrible. 【><。】

But now I'm looking forward to next weekend! Because it's time for the LBM again. I wrote about the Book Fair Leipzig last year, if you're interested: click! (^-^)

Some other news:
First, I work again on a new blog header. Secondly, because of a friend who told me again and again to add this gadget to my blog and because of Berrii and the fishes she has on her blog: I  finally add a turtle gadget. You can find it at the very bottom of my blog. I love turtles! Haha. (^_^) Feed them!
Thirdly, as everyone (at least it seems like everyone does) I bought Angelic Prettymuseums book.
Aaaand: I pre-ordered APs Daydream Carnival at the very beginning of this year.
The release was delayed (otherwise I would wear this dress to the LBM T_T) but now it -finally- will be released this month. Oh, I really look forward to get this dress!

So, here are some pictures of the emook book of Angelic Pretty. I just want to show you some pages which I really like. It's a very nice magazine, if you get the chance you should definitely buy it!

That's the cover! The headline is in noble golden letters.
On the first pages of the magazine are some model photos with the latest prints. Left: Bookmark series jsk and on the right: Chocolate Rosette jsk.
My personal favorite: the navy Toy March jsk! <3
And here you can see the ivory-coloured Daydream Carnival OP!
There are also pages with really lovely, possible combinations of the latest items.
You can also find a few pages with make-up tutorials.
This is a postcard to one of collaboration items. All the postcards to the print series are so pretty! I love them.
On the last pages are photos of some of the Japanese customers, the customers around the world and also some pictures from teaparties. (Day Dream Carnival worn by Kayu)
That's what you get with the magazine! The bag is made of thick material and it's pretty large.
I was a little surprised, because most tote bags which I know are small and made ​​of thin fabric.
This is a small bonus picture of me in APs Lacy Ballerina OP. ^-^ Pink with purple accessories.
(just one petti = too little volume in my skirt >///<)
I tried several times to sell it, but no one wants it. I think, I should sell it. It's so....pink!
And I still think it doesn't suit me.
Here, on the stock image, you have better view of the details of the dress. If anyone is interested ... I'm still planning to sell it.  
 That's all for now. See you!
Maybe some of you visit the LBM, I'll be there! (^__^)/