Freitag, 2. Dezember 2011

A huge joy before Christmas!

Actually, I wanted to post sooner, but it was not enough time.
Since 2010, I wanted Holy Night Story of Angelic Pretty and now it's finally mine! 
This dress with Headbow was my first and favorite gift this year.
It was among the 4 dresses that I want most. It has been definitely worth 
to wait for it. The dress is simply beautiful. Just before Christmas the print fits perfectly. <3
On the day of arrival, I quickly took a couple of pictures. Here are just some very simple snapshots of me. ^-^ 
I was wearing the dress without a wig and stuff like that. Sorry for the stupid face expression. >///< Very soon I'll get dressed again properly and with all accessories.

Before I had it myself, I admired the dress only on other girls. Most of all I love the red and green version. <3
Some pictures:
Found this pics on tumbrl. XD

Thanks for reading! ^-^

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