Sonntag, 29. September 2013

Poupéegirl - part I

Hello readers! (^_^)/

 Today I decided to start a blog post series with my poupéegirl-outfits. 
I start with the first 10, which I saved on my hard drive. ^_^
They are a little older and the face parts are not changed at that time. It's the "old" face. XD
I didn't save my outfits when I start to dress-up at the very beginning, but now I do it every time.

 I think many of you will know poupéegirl and if not, you might noticed the little doll on my sidebar.
 Poupéegirl is a Japanese website on which you have an avatar, a poupée
and where you can upload your clothing, makeup and more. 
It's a social network for fashion fans.
Unfortunately, there were some changes this year and I'm a little afraid
that they completely close this website. ;_;

This is the latest outfit of my poupée:

And these are the first ten outfits:


Do you like poupéegirl?
Do you have a poupée?

Thank you for reading! (^_^)


  1. oh mann poupeegirl das hab ich doch schon fast wieder vergessen D: es gibt viel zu viele seiten wo man heutzutage angemeldet ist xD ich moche es immer gern aber mit der zeit verliere ich immer das interesse...

    1. haha, das ist wahr. ich hab auch schon vergessen, dass ich irgendwo angemeldet bin. XD zu poupee bin ich immer wieder zurück gekehrt. aber das ist eher die ausnahme. haha. ^_^