Freitag, 29. November 2013

Art post: Two sides with candy

Hello readers!

Today I want to show you two drawings on which I've been working for a long time.
As usual. I'm so slow. >_< I showed the finished outlines in August 2012 here. :D 
The colouration was done a while ago. I thought both would look good with a frame.
So I gave them both one. They are very different. The colour scheme is very different and also the theme 
and idea behind both drawings are very different. But both are done with multiliner,
 coloured pencils and copic marker. Oh, and by the way, they are on the same piece of paper. :D
 Well, here are the results. ^_^

The image is an attempt to draw pastel purple, pastel blue and pastel pink hair with candy as hair accessories. :D I wish my hair would have these colours by nature.
I drew this to show the contrast between unstyled (left) with no makeup or hair done and fully dressed up with makeup, circle lenses and hairstyle (right). The whole thing is inspired by my own “normal” look and the look when I wear Lolita.

Thank you for reading! ^_^