Sonntag, 17. November 2013


Hello readers! (^_^)/

About a week ago, Schnatterinchen and I went by train to Halle to visit a little Lolita meeting there.
She's not Lolita, but she has her very own colourful style and she likes to come to meetings with me.
It was a pretty nice meeting and we met nice Lolitas there. 
The weather was great and we decided to take some photos first.
I know this is a matter of taste, but I love the fall, the colours and everything. Also, I love to take photos with the sun in the back.
After that, we visited a lipstick exhibition. It was interesting and the exhibits and the conceptual design were very pretty. The design of the frames of the respective texts to the time periods matched the time. ^_^

I decided to wear a toned down Lolita outfit that day. Actually, I lately wear, when I wear Lolita, always rather simple and classic outfits. But that doesn't mean I'll don't wear sweet again in the future.
 I'm sorry for my hair. I swear I curled it the day before. But it was very windy that day and as soon as I left the house it looked just um ... like a mess​​.
Here are some pictures:

Skirt - Angelic Pretty Rose Prinzess // Blouse - offbrand // Cardigan (kind of, I don't know how to call this piece of clothing) - offbrand // Coat - H&M // Socks - Innocent World // Shoes - offbrand // Accessories - claire's (including the little bow I wore in my hair which you can't see on the pictures), offbrand
That's everybody. ^__^ There are also individual pictures of the others, but to be on the safe side, I only show my pictures here. Except for the group photo of course.
And that's just a picture of the fabric of my skirt. I really love it. And it's nice for autumn.
In the evening we went to a cafe (or restaurant? :D). I don't took pictures of all our food ... but I need some food pictures here. I neeed them! :D
That's all for today. I'm looking forward the next meeting.
Thanks for reading! (^_^)/


  1. Wahnsinnig schön! Du wirkst ganz anders in classic. Toll wie wandelbar du bist! Und auch hier nochmal: Deine Haaaaare <3