Freitag, 20. Dezember 2013

Coffee party in the coffee house Riquet

Hello readers!

Christmas holidays! It's such a beautiful time of the year. I love this atmosphere around Christmas.

One more thing: I had problems with the comment function here. Some comments are apparently gone lost.
This is a pity for those who had written something for nothing. I had not even noticed that something is wrong. I just thought that no one commented on the last blog entries.
So please, when you see that your comment isn't there after you posted it, then try to contact me.
If someone takes the time to comment here, then that should not be in vain. ^_^

I actually wanted to write this entry earlier, I write this quite late. The small meeting took place at the end of November.
A small group of local and less local Lolitas met in Leipzig. We visited the coffee house Riquet. It's a beautiful café in the style of Viennese coffee houses.

I took a few pictures, but not that many.
My hot chocolate. And the hand of Schnatterinchen with her ​​tea.


That was the group. (Without me, I took the picture)
And that was my outfit:
Dress - Angelic Pretty Wonder Party // Blouse - offbrand // Socks - Angelic Pretty Twinkle Carnival // Shoes - offbrand // Headbow - Angelic Pretty Wonder Party // Bag - Angelic Pretty // Accessories - koolkatkustom, claire's

I love Wonder Party. And the print matched the theme of the meeting.
The dress and headbow both have such cute details. Like the little spoon and the little cute fork.

 The next meeting is coming up soon. This time I'll try to hurry a little more.
Moreover, I draw a picture for Christmas.

I'll post about both here.

Thank you for reading!


  1. Das Cafe scheint echt hübsch zu sein! Und dein Outfit ist auch total hübsch, dieses Kleid ist einfach das perfekte Tea Party Kleid! ^-^

    1. Ja, das ist es! Nur leider hab ich nicht viele Fotos davon gemacht. War auch schwierig, weil es zu Beginn sehr voll war.
      Vielen Dank! Das find ich auch. ^_^

  2. Wir müssen das einfach mal wiederholen und dann mehr Fotos machen :)

    1. Ja, das wär toll. Vielleicht wenn es ein wenig wärmer ist. ^_^