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Urban Fairytale III ~ Indie brand fashion show

Hello readers!

Today I want to share the pictures of the indie fashion show at the Urban Fairytale Event. The research for this was a little bit more difficult than I thought and as I wrote before, it would have been better to write some information down back then. But thanks to Kuma Kana (the designer of Mighty Kingdom) and the video by Poppy Noir I could assign all the outfits.
The indie fashion show took place directly after the show of BTSSB / AATP. The following designers / brands were represented: Innocent World, Souffle Song, Eat me Ink me, Mighty Kingdom and Sweet Mildred.

The first two outfits were by Innocent World. The dresses are the Cross Embroidery Tuck JSK and the Fantasy Night Sky Church Choir JSK 

The Souffle Song dresses: Choosing Flower JSK, then three dresses of which I could not find the name. They are not on the website and Souffle Song maybe don't sell them anymore.

The next designs are by Eat me Ink me. The first dress and bonnet are the Rococo SET. I liked the one after that, it's the Magical Mermaid OP. I just really like the colour and how it fades. I was in general quite impressed by Eat me Ink me. I didn't knew them before. The last look was also great. Well it's easy to get me with gold prints and the combination gold on black. The dress shown is called Key Lock JSK.

The next the looks are by Mighty Kingdom. The catwalk performance alone gets all the cookies, because the walk of the models were among the best at that day. And let's not forget the nice idea with the bubbles. I kind of want to write a little more about presentation and walk but that's not a good place. so I will do it at the end of the post.
The shown dresses are: Rose Garden Decor, Magical Sea World and Mirabella. I hope these are the right names.

The last dresses shown were by Sweet Mildred. Here I unfortunately don't know how the dresses are called. I like the dress with the playing cards. The fabric is so cool and the simple cut gives the busy print room to shine. The only thing that bothers me here is that the last row of cards is cutted off. The last dress shown is a collaboration of Sweet Mildred with mintandapple, I believe. The print looks really cute (and is not cutted off). I'm so sorry for the bad picture of the last look. She walked so fast and I was just incapable.


The final walk with all the looks of the indie fashion show.

Well, that's it. It was a nice show and I loved to see all the dresses worn. It is a real difference to stock pictures or just a dress on a hanger. I mean of cause it is, otherwise they wouldn't have moved to this form of presentation in the early 20th century. It is a full 3D experience. But exactly here we have the weak spot. This was a fashion show with small designers and normal people as models. So of course I do not expect perfection. Also the models who walked for BTSSB were, with some exceptions, no professionals. But the performance of the people differentiated quite strongly and in some cases it was not good for the outfit. That's just my opinion and I am a little bit on the theoretical and analytical side, since fashion theory is one of the fields I studied. All the fashion shows I watch through the year make me here a little critical. Just that you know where I'm coming from. I'm not sure how much everyone was prepared for the show. Maybe a little more training would have been good for some people. Also I'm not sure how the models were chosen, but I think some were just picked by pictures they sent to applicate. Because it's not just about the appearance it is maybe an idea to have some back up models when someone turns out to be bad at performing on the catwalk. It's a little bit abstract of what I'm talking here, so one example to illustrate it: there was a girl that had the walk of a construction worker or something like that. It doesn't look good with all the Antoinette like laces and ribbons. Another thing was the speed of the walk. That is easy to fix I think. Some really run over the catwalk and others were way slower. Here it's possible, that some of the models were iritated by the music. But then again training could have helped. I guess there wasn't a lot of time for practising and I highly believe it's just me being over critical. I hope everyone takes this in a good way and that it doesn't upset anyone. There was a lot of work behind this event and it was amazing overall. I appreciate all the work that goes into such an event and I look forward to future events.

Thank you for reading! There will be one more entry about Urban Fairytale with mainly single shots of some people.


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