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Urban Fairytale II ~ BTSSB/AATP Fashion show

Hello readers!

This is the second entry about the Urban Fairytale event which was last year in Berlin. Today I write about the fashion show with BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT as guest. Well, actually I show you the photos and do not write a lot to everything.
I kind of regret not writing down some information that day. For example which designer presented which clothes. Of course it was easier with some clothes but I had to do research for a few prints and dresses especially for the part of the indie designers. This will follow in the next entry about Urban Fairytale.

Here we have the catwalk with Mimi talking to the audience before the show.

The first dress is the A/P Opal Church Choir JSK (AatP). I don't know if this is embroidery on the skirt part but i really like it . And there are two black/gold versions with red or blue ribbon which I like even more.

The vest here is AatPs La Prière ~The Glimpse of a Dream through the Glass Window~.

This dress is The Ticking Clock ~Gear of Stardust and the Unfound Land~ JSK I by AatP. 

I'm not sure about this one. It looks like BTSSBs La Belle et la Secret de la Rose JSK. This dress was only sold at Fashion's Night Out in 2016 in Harajuku. Well I first thought this is a AatP dress because to me it looks more like it is but as I said I'm not sure about it.

This is one of the japanese models. His name is SANA. I highly belive he's wearing Alice and the pirates but I couldn't find the names to the clothes. The cape looks a little like AatPs Phantasmic Moon Prince Mantle, but it's not that one. Maybe this is a fashion show set? 

The sweetest look of the show: Kumya-chan's Ribbon Ribbon C'est Bon Belle Journée JSK I by BTSSB in combination with a Usakumya. 

Here you see the Mon Chouchou Hermitage Reine JSK (BTSSB) with matching accessories.

This dress with princess sleeves is BTSSBs Icing Princess OP. Probably my least favorite in this show. The colour looks great but I'm never a fan of lace like that and there's a lot on the sleeves and skirt part. It looks like curtain to me. And there's something else that bothers me: the socks. They are really not my cup of tea, but I a lot people seem to like them. I'm just waiting for this trend to die.

Caro, whose hair was just great, showed a set which was made to order. It is the Princess Cornelia Gift Ribbon OP Head Bow Set by BTSSB and the reservation period was from 30 March to 9 April 2016. I don't know how many of these sets were made but I think it is something special.
It is definitely gorgeous even if it is not my colour and well, there are these socks again. You can never please everybody.

Rin closed the show in BTSSBs Ver Placidum Mille fleur OP which was made to order and came with a matching headdress. She's not wearing the headdress but it looks like she used the detachable flowers of it. Reservation was from 30 October 2015 to 29 February 2016. Like the Princess Cornelia set this is surely special and rare to find.

The designer Masumi Kano said some words after the show. I found her really nice. She wore another piece from the Mon Chouchou Hermitage release. It's the onepiece dress and it has a detachable sach which I think is a great feature.

After the fashion show was a photo shoot with the models and guests outside. I took some pictures through the window. Here it's maybe easier to see some of the details and colours of the dresses. I really like how some of my "stalker" pictures turn out.

That is it for today. I hope you like the pictures. Next Urban Fairytale entry will be about the Indie fashion show.

Thanks for reading!


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