Sonntag, 19. Juni 2016

Book Fair ~ Friday ~ The day I didn't photographed much

Hello lovely readers!
Friday passed very quickly and it was the day of the book fair on which I didn't photographed much. I met Dani again and some others. And I found a very nice booth that day which sold crafting supplies and other intersting stuff. More later. First, some outfit pictures of me.

I wore Jewelry Jelly by Angelic Pretty that day. I don't have any close-ups but I was quite happy with this outfit and the make-up. It looks like the sweet co-ords that were popular a couple of years ago and which seem to be out of fashion now. I still like that style but feel better with darker colours.
Sadly, I took only one picture of Dani's great OTT sweet outfit and I just noticed it when I was at home that day.

She wore AP's Dolly Cat with a lot of pretty pastel accessories. The little fluffy pink pompoms in her hair looked a little bit like ears.
She introduced me to a nice girl in AP's Musée du chocolat. It's a little embarrassing and weird to write something like that, but I really like her face with Lolita fashion.

There were many people that day, but it was okay. Not like on Saturday. That's why I didn't went to the fair on that day.

One of the halls was for a Comic-Con within the book fair, the Manga-Comic-Con (MCC). It wasn't always like that but since 3 years, I think, it's not just a own hall but a whole convention with an extra ticket. But it didn't changed that much, because you can still visit the whole book fair with this ticket and the visitors with the normal book fair ticket can visit the Comic-Con.

In the hall of the MCC are all the nice booths with merch and jewellery I posted last time. Like on the day before, I visited Kawaiimono. It's awesome enough to post again about this little shop. Here is a picture with Mabu, the shop owner, and May. They looked both amazing, just like the other day.

And you can never have enough. There was way more DW merchandise this year. Well, I'm not complaining.

That day I made a great discovery. There's a little shop in my city that sells amazing crafting supplies, accessories and other nice little things. They are called Sarajana and they've a web shop.

Than I met a few more people. Among others an old school friend. That was a happy coincidence. Well not actually that day, but the one before. So we planned to meet us on friday. She was there with a friend.

The light in the halls wasn't the best but I took some nice pictures anyway. Well, I tried my best.

That was everything for now, thank you for reading! I'll post one more time about the fair and than I plan to post some art and other events, like the WGT. Hope to be back soon.


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