Donnerstag, 29. Dezember 2016

Book Fair ~ Sunday ~ Better late than never?

Hello readers!

I'm the worst blogger ever and that will never change. Even if I try I'm always late with everything. But I still love to photograph and that is the reason why I still want to post here. Of cause I hope I will manage to post a little more next year.
I will never write a lot because that takes to much time but I really want to share my pictures here.

So here are my pictures from the last day of the book fair 2016. That day I took a lot photos of other Lolitas. I hope you like them!

First, this was my outfit that day:

JSK, headbow and OTKs: Angelic Pretty / Blouse: Bodyline / Underskirt: Lady Sloth / Shoes: Secret Shop /Accessoires: Claires, H&M, other
Maria - great as always! I loved her outfit with one of the prettiest Baby the Stars shine bright dresses and a just stunning headpiece.

Pauline - she makes the greatest clothes herself and looked amazing in this dark blue ensemble.

Sadly I didn't took a full body picture of Februarbluete but she looked classy and her headpiece reminded me of something a princess would wear in a fairytale.

Bea wore one of my favorite combinations: a bordeaux red dress with a gold print combined with black.

 As said before, I'm not that into cosplay. But I am into classic games and the lovely Dani and her friend cosaplayed as Laverne and Bernard from Day of the Tentacle. Aren't they great?

 I don't remember who she is but her outfit was beautiful. I really liked the colours and this dress is so pretty.

Luise in a really nice oldie by Angelic Pretty: Strawberry Millefeuille. It's always nice to meet you.

And now Caro and Pia of whom I took around 100 pictures...okay probably not so many but a lot.
They both wore AP's Melty Royal Chocolate with a lot of cute and tasty looking accessoires.

 Kia - the perfect Gothic Lolita. The headdress is amazing and looks great with Alice and the Pirates' Gathered Chiffon.

 Behind the scenes...that sounds better than "hello, I'm a crazy stalker" haha. That hat!

 Because I can't hold on me I took more picture of Caro and Pia.

Isn't this a really cool steampunk outfit? He could make soap bubbles with the thing on his back.

 And I was at the Kawaiimono booth - again. The light there was so bad, but I loved the outfits of Mabu and May, so I took a picture and hoped for the best. Mabu wore AP's  Special Edition Kiss me! Cat Marie. It's a very cute dress with a lot of details and the fabric is great.

At the end of the day I met the Melty Wish owner again.

 And to close this post some pictures of other booths. This one had traditional japanese things, like kimonos and other things.

Some jewellery, just because I love these little bottles.

 And a cool booth wall:

 And let's not forget about the pictures with the best facial expression I ever had and obligatory fan pic.

I really hope that, even if this is a really late post, it's nevertheless interessting.
Thank you for reading!



  1. ah vielen dank für die Bilder *_* <3 der Eintrag hat mir gerade den Abend versüßt <3

    1. das ist schön! freut mich, dass dir sie bilder gefallen. <3 mein lieblingsbild mit dir ist das, auf dem du nach unten schaust...das war eigentlich ein "unfall", ist aber so hübsch geworden. XD