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Book Fair ~ Thursday ~ Lolita fashion, Accessories and Merchandise

Hello readers!

The first day of the bookfair in Leipzig was thursday for me. This was the first time I went on there this early in the week. Usually I visited the fair from friday to sunday or just on the weekend.

It was also the first time I wore Innocent World. I felt in love with IW before but I never really felt like this is my style. That changed and nothing will stop me from wearing all sorts of dresses now. Matching the book fair I wore Royal Library. Book themed clothes are just amazing and so is this dress. The print is detailed and delicat with golden details and german words on the book spines. One of the things I love about IW is the fact that they make long and short versions of their dresses. I wore the long version and it's really nice for taller people. Althrough I'm just 170cm but this would also be great for people who are around 10cm taller.

Like I wrote in the previous post, I love the opportunity to meet people at this event. So it was especially great Dani and I spend some time together since we live quite far away from each other. She wore a great Cheshire Cat and Halloween themed dress from a independent designer.

The Book Fair has its own hall for comics, mangas, merchandise and a lot other japan related things.
The J-store had two booths. One was of the store from berlin and the other from the one from hamburg. The shop sells exclusively for Germany Innocent World clothes. They also have other Lolita items in their shops. Like pieces by Angelic Pretty or from indie designers.

There were a lot of shops with shirts and merchandise. I'm not that interessted in mangas and anime but there was also tv show, movie or book related stuff.

One of the most amazing booths was by far by Melty Wish. It's a shop for hand-made accessories. You can find everything there from cute and colourful to flowery and classical. Good I was so short in budget otherwise nothing would have stopped me from buying a lot of jewellery. I ended up with buying nothing but with the shop in mind and the stone solid wish to buy a tone when I've the money for it.

As I already wrote a lot of merchandise. And those life size pillows with characters I don't know on them. There were also shops with japanese food. Pocky! And Kitkat flowers we don't have, like matcha or sakura.

Than I ran into May. She doesn't wore Lolita that day, but looked incredible stylish. I loved her hair. She worked for Kawaiimono. They sell cute phone cases and accessories.

Mabu in Fancy Paper Dolls by Angelic Pretty is the owner of Kawaiimono. It was just a small booth but with so much cuteness and pastel awesomeness.


There was something that was sold at many places and one cuter than the other: plush toys. For me these are just dust collectors, but I can not deny that I was caught by their cuteness. Some were not that cute though. But the greatest of them all was the giant Dōmo-kun. Which, to be precise, wasn't a plush toy.

There were also numerous possibilities for people who wanted to buy accessories.

The same goes for action figures. As I already wrote this is not my cup of tea. But I know there are a lot of people who are interessted in figures and some of my friends do like them as well. They told me, that the prices were quite good. Usually fairs tend to be more expensive but it depends on the goods I guess.

I liked the fact that they had traditional japanese things as well. Like kimonos, tableware and also foods. There was a place for traditional archery and a tea garden.

But there was not just japanese food. You could also buy excessively overpriced sweets, fast food and other stuff.

Did I mentioned the merchandise? There were goods of tv shows like The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, Supernatural and movies like The Avengers, A Nightmare Before Christmas, Star Wars and Cinderella and many more.

Almost in the end of the day we met Kanon. She wore an incredibly amazing dress from a indie brand. It's just gorgeous and made from a very nice light chiffon with a haptic palpable gold print. The light purple wig she completed the outfit with made it perfect.

Well, that was the first post to the book fair 2016. The next will follow soon. Thanks for reading!

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