Mittwoch, 16. März 2016

Pre-Book Fair, Books and Bunnies

Hello readers!

Tomorrow starts one of my favorite events of the year: the Book Fair in Leipzig.
I hope I meet everyone who lives far away and where this is one of the rare times we can spend time with each other. But I'm also happy to see some of the people who live here or near my city. This event is a good opportunity to meet people.

There are 4 days, Thursday to Sunday, which are open to visitors. Because Saturday was unbearably crowded the last years, especially last year, I'll visit the fair only on the other days.

I took a break from my blog last year. Because I didn't wrote anything back then and also didn't upload any pictures here, I want to show you now one photo of Friday last year.

Me in AP's Lyrical Bunny. Picture taken by the lovely Maria and edited by me.
I'm not really sure what I'll wear this year. But I think it's a book fair, so Innocent World's Royal Library is a good choise.

I really look forward to the next days. Thank you for reading!


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