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2. Eastern Elegance Fairytale Christmas Teaparty

Hello readers!

Last year, in early december, there was the second Christmas Teaparty of our central germany community.

I went there with a friend and we both photographed. He took the 'official' pictures. His camera, lenses and all the equipment is just amazing. I used some of his pictures in this blog post, but the most are taken by me. Sadly I didn't took that many pictures and some came out bad. But baby steps. I'm just going back to all that and I hope I get better. And: I'm so sorry for all the food pictures. There is no defense .... I love food.

Since it became a real struggle for me to go to events, travel, photograph and everything, I was quite happy I actually attended and that I spend some time with nice people.
It was a pretty great event with an incredible buffet, a raffle, goodie bags for every guest and lots of beautiful dressed people. The theme was Fairytale Christmas. I kind of failed to dress up matching to that, but some of the others really looked like they just stepped out of a fairy tale.

So first, a group picture:

I didn't try to hide here, we were sorted by colour and there were more darker coloured outfits. so we stood in three rows and i'm in the last one. Falk took this picture.
Here we are. The food. Nearly everything was made by our organizer and some others. 
Canapes, salads, muffins, kebabs, cakes, mousse, chocolate, lots of sweets and so much more. Whether hearty or sweet, there was everything.
Kitty matched the food. She looked great in here sweet outfit. It's handmade! 
That's my plate and a picture of the beautiful print of my neighbor at the table with my dress. I wore AP's Toy March in the best colourway ever: a rich dark blue and she wore Classic Fairy Tales in the perfect green colour.
I wore super bold blue eyeshadow. It's actually way more prettier than any picture can show. It's a shimmery dark blue. I think the makeup, headdress and also the rest of my outfit came out quite well. I was not sure about the weird mixture of colours I tried to combine. You can not see my full outfit here, but there will follow some pictures with everything visible.
I'm in love with that dress and that print. It's gorgeous. I took a full picture because the whole outfit was great but it was too blurry. You may see a little more on the group picture above.
After eating something we went outside for some pictures. Caro wore super adorable jewellery with her Melty Royal Chocolate. 
Mimi in AP's Musee du Chocolat. She's just acting naturally here. 
The headpiece! Susann wore Mercator Antique Shop with a stunning golden headband with halo by Linda Friesen.
It was very cold and we waited in a little group. I went inside after some pictures because it was to cold to stay. Some waited quite long.
Pauline made her dress and the bonnet herself. She looked beautiful.
I really like how the picture of Kerstin came out. Nora wore Musee du Chocolat under her coat. She twinned with Mimi.
Pia in her wonderful outfit. That dress looks so pretty. Love the colours.
The headpiece with all the roses and the crown reminded me on Dolce & Gabbana. Especially the headpiece Zhenya Katava wore at the RTW S/S 2015 show. Love it.
The left picture with Julia H. was an outtake. But I really like the mood of it. The white dress with the red accents makes a lovely fairytale like look.
Here at the left you see the 'real' picture. The right one was taken by Falk. I wore AP's Toy March. It was the 2nd time and for that event I thought it could be a little more over the top. That's why I tried to combine the dark blue and red with pink and a litlle bit white and gold.
Dress, Socks, Headbow, Pony: Angelic Pretty / Blouse & Bow tie: Dear Celine / Shoes: Secret Shop / Brooch: Sweet Sakura / Jewellery: H&M, New Yorker, Claires, ebay and random shops
Jennifer wore such an impressive headpiece. And it was very christmassy.
I took some random pictures at the end of the day...
There was a piano. You can see a little bit of it here. But I didn't took pictures there. Falk did. They are great.
This is a close-up of Mimis jewellery. I like it.
I won this headdress at the raffle. My pony looks nice with it.
This is my goodie bag. 
And that was all. It was a great event and I'm looking forward to next year. I hope my health gets better, because at the end it was very exhausting. One of my biggest problems is the inability to filter sounds, smells and visual impressions, so shortly said to filter my environment. And the uncontrolled shaking of my hands and body isn't great either. Especially when it comes to photography. I hope these things get better. Enough of that.
To end this post in a lighter way, I share this beauty of a photographic masterpiece:

Thanks for reading!

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