Samstag, 23. Januar 2016

A new Day a fresh Start

Hello readers,

i'm back! After this unplanned long break I now start over with some changes. Blogging somehow became a work-like thing to me and I want to have fun here again. Back to just blogging like nobody is watching. In the end I used to think way to much about what to blog. Now I'll hope that I manage to go back to write about everything I like to have here. So this will be place filled with nice memories and things I want to share like some drawings, photography or even crafting projects and maybe some other things.

This posts looks a little epmty, so here is one of the latest drawings in my sketchbook. I still like it and that's quite rare. Hope you like it too.

Materieal I used: gel-pen, copic marker, gold pen, golden nail polish, and colourless nail polish with glitter particles...hahah

Thanks for reading!

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