Samstag, 11. Januar 2014

Wishlist 2014

Hello readers!

And as the last years I post something about my Lolita wishlist and also a small resume of 2013 at the beginning of the year.
Actually, I could write almost the same as last year. Haha. If you want to see it positively, those few changes just show that I know what I want. I always think about my dream dresses, so it's easier to clarify the priorities.
Here now I show you the dresses (yes, dresses only) which are on top of my wishlist. These lists are very personally and they are absolutely a matter of taste. But it's very helpful to have a list.
That helps to keep the money together. Whenever something nice appears for sale or auction, I look in my list and so I'll not be inveigled to impulsive purchases.
That's why I think, everyone should have a wishlist.

Regarding my wishlist 2013 passed exactly like 2012.
Because again I only got one of the dresses and again it was the number two of the list. And again, actually number one, because number one is almost unattainable. And again I'm so happy with this one dress.
 It's APs Toy March in navy. 
All dresses on top of my wishlist are from the brand Angelic Pretty and some are very rare and hard to get.
I also like other dresses from other brands. But these have lower positions on my wishlist.
And I just love the design of AP.  ^_^
Without any exception, all the dresses of the list were love at first sight.
I already own some of the dresses in other colours. Sugary Carnival for example, which I have in blue (the first release of 2008) and pink (second release, 2011) or Chess Chocolate which I've in mint.
And the only reason, APs Royal Unicorn doesn't appear on a top position in the list is that I bought it.
Fortunately, there were many releases this year, I didn't like. But also some very nice.
 I'm very obsessed with details and somehow I always need a perfect (for my taste) overall appearance. I get very fastidious over the years.
 For some designs, there are even small things that ruin the whole piece for me.

1. Angelic Pretty Puppet Circus
 This dress is and will always be my number 1!
 Even as the dress came out in 2006 it was clear that I have to get it one day. It's simply perfect.
It's made ​​of velvet and has a gold print. Absolutely perfect! My favorite is the red wine version as JSK.
 It appeared this year in auctions where I missed it twice. I know that sounds very materialistic, but it broke my heart both times. But I'm still full of hope, even after so many years. Someday it will be mine!

2. Angelic Pretty Chocolate Rosette 
This was love at first sight. It's so different and beautiful. But it's always the same: it was sold out too fast.
 I only got the black socks and the blue and the brown headbow. The second release also brought me no luck. I still hope I'll find the navy JSK. The navy Toy March OP was my old number two, but I found it last year (actually in the end of 2012). Since it seems like I'm always getting the number two of my wishlist, I'll maybe get this dress this year. Haha. It would be great!

3. Angelic Pretty Star Night Theater
This dress is on my wishlist for so long. Okay, not like Puppet Circus, but...I missed it more often very narrowly. That's frustrating. It was released in the same year as Memorial Cake (2009), which was one of my dreams for long. I've found it then, so I'm assuming I also find the blue or red Star Night Theater someday.

4. Angelic Pretty Chess Chocolate
It's almost the same story as with Twinkle Carnival or Chocolate Rosette. It wasn't possible for me to buy my dream dress. It was sold out too quick. But then it was re-released by Angelic Pretty (unusually fast) but I had no money at this time. Later, I bought it in mint and it's beautiful, but the brown JSK version is still my favorite.

5. Angelic Pretty Twinkle Carnival / Sugary Carnival
 I know, these are two dresses. But I just couldn't make a decision and would be equally happy with one of them. The special colour of Sugary Carnival was already on my list and now the Twinkle Carnival special set is here too.
Unfortunately, the prices for this Sugary Carnival version are so incredibly high that it probably never will be mine. It's a little annoying because I had the chance to buy the Twinkle Carnival set. I don't know why, but I was so stupid not to do it. I think in the future it will be as rare and expensive as Sugary Carnival in this pretty blue colour. And in contrast to Puppet Circus, the price is a deterrent. Since the first release Sugary Carnival is one of my absolute favorites and Twinkle Carnival is also very pretty. ^_^

Normally I only show the first five places here. But because I just love looking at pretty dresses and I looked for pictures and there were so many...haha, here are some more dresses I really love.
Two of these are the sixth place and very important for me: Dessert Collection and Rose Toilette. I really love these dresses and they actually deserve a higher position.
Haha, this is not sorted by places in the list but by color and brand. ^u^

Do you have a wishlist?
And do you also have dresses on the list, which are nearly unreachable and for which you're looking for a long time?
I wish you good luck and that you find your dream dress! ^_^

Thank you for reading!


  1. Ich hoffe du kommst an Chocolate Rosette, dir stehen dunkle Farben so gut! :D
    Ganz viel Erfolg bei deiner Suche! <3
    Meine Wunschliste ist unbekannt, ich lass mich vom Hollandstoffmarkt überraschen und werde mir was nähen :D

    1. Das hoffe ich auch. :D Vielen Dank! ^_^
      Und ich hoffe du findest hübschen Stoff! Ich bin schon gespannt auf dein nächstes Kleid. :)

  2. Oh, das zweite Kleid in der zweiten Reihe beim letzten Bild find ich ja toll *_*
    Zu meiner Wunschliste: Mir gefallen einige Röcke von Juliette et Justine sehr, leider sind die mir zu klein, also werden sie ein Traum bleiben V_V Naja, ansonsten hoffe ich, dass mein geplantes Sailor Lolita-Nähprojekt was wird...der Rock wird kein Problem, aber ich seh mich schon an dem Blazer verzweifeln ;P

    Ich wünsch dir auch viel Erfolg bei der Suche! Wie Berrii würde ich dich auch gerne mal in dem Chocolate Rosette sehen ;)

    1. Oh ja, schon allein die Farbe bei diesem Kleid...naja, alles was blau ist hat bei mir eh schon einen Bonus. XD Juliette et Justine liebe ich auch sehr, scon allein weil die Prints und Stoffe in Traum sind. Leider auch extreeeem teuer. Das mit der Größe ist ja echt schade. Aber selber nähen ist super! Da hast du dann was einzigartiges und wenn mans kann (also nicht wie ich nur rumbastelt) dann sieht es auch oft hochwertig aus. ^_^ Aber oje, "Blazer" klingt schon so kompliziert. Ich will ja nicht wissen, wie viele Teile das Schnittmuster hat. XD
      Vielen Dank! Haha, ich mich auch. XD Sieht auf dem Markt aber schlecht aus. Aber die Hoffnung stirbt immer zuletzt. XD