Mittwoch, 22. Januar 2014

Christmas meet-up 2014

Hello readers!

And here it comes: a very late entry about our local Christmas meeting. It's now a month ago.
We took pictures and then we visited a small exhibition and after that we went to a cafe. It was a really nice day. The original plan was to go to a Christmas market, but we did not go. Sitting in the cafe was nicer. And warmer. Have a few pictures:

One of the group pictures. We later took another photo in the beautiful staircase of the house, in which the exhibition was. Yes, I'm not on the picture, because I took it.
We also took some individual pictures. Paperella and Kittyone look great, don't they? Unfortunately I didn't take photos of everyone. But there are still great photos of everybody, because a others took some too.
Dress - Angelic Pretty Holy Night Story // Blouse - Dear Celine // Socks - Angelic Pretty Chocolate Rosette // Shoes - offbrand // Headbow - Angelic Pretty Holy Night Story // Stole - H&M
The other group picture. ^_^
This house is so beautiful!
We also took some pictures in the stairway. This is so stylish.

And some more great details of the staircase. Yes, here you can see, I liked it very much.

I'm looking forward to the next meet-up!
Thanks for reading!


  1. also pitti, dieser sexy schulterblick... die vom h&m katalog haben angerufen und wollen ihre werbeaufnahmen zurück!;p

    1. oh no. und laut dem vertrag hätt ich sie nicht hier veröffentlichen dürfen. ;D