Donnerstag, 29. August 2013

Have A Little look in my wardrobe ^_°

Hello readers! (^__^)/

Sorry for the lack of blog entries lately. I hope I'll be blogging more soon.

I prepared this entry a while ago. Here you see all (almost all) dresses I have, sorted according to the colour. As you can see, there are also two skirts. I only have two because I prefer dresses. ^_^
Actually, I wanted to do a proper wardrobe entry with all my Lolita clothes. But this would be a very image-heavy entry and I don't know...till now I never had the time to take pictures of my blouses and accessories. ^_^;
Unfortunately, it was very dark outside when I tried to take the pictures. That's why some may look a bit strange.
I think two things are obvious: I love Angelic Pretty and most dresses are sweet. :D

Day Dream Carnival, Twinkle Carnival and Wonder Party. (All by Angelic Pretty) All 3 dresses have golden details or a gold print. I love gold prints! And carousel horses. :D All 3 are dream dresses. Especially Twinkle Carnival has a special place in my wardrobe. It's my queen. And Wonder Party has something special I never get enough: a little fork and a little cute spoon on the collar. <3
APs Holy Night Story and Toy March. Both are made of a nice thick fabric and they also have some golden details. I really like the winter- and Christmas prints by AP.  Holy Night Story is my big love. With this dress I realized how much I love red outfits. If Twinkle Carnival is my queen, this dress is the princess of my wardrobe. There is so much to love: the military design, the velvet and the print...
APs Chess Chocolate and the Honey Picnic OP by Metamorphose tems de fille. The mint colour of Chess Chocolate is way more bluish. I really love this print and I would like to have it in brown too. Honey Picnic is a sweeter print with more colours. But I really like the combination of mint and brown colours.
Tiara Rose and Milky Planet by AP and The World's Most Adorable Dog and the World's Most Delicious Frappe Print OP (or Longest Name OP XD) by Baby the Stars shine bright. Tiara Rose is simply beautiful, although I prefer dresses with frontbows on the waist and not on the chest. Milky Planet in blue was a big dream and I simly love it. The colour, the print, the glitter and just everything. The Longest Name OP was one of my first brand dresses. I still like it for some reason.
Memorial Cake, Sugary Carnival and Jewelry Jelly by AP. On a quick glance, these dresses look very similar. Haha, all blue with a mainly pink border print. Blue is my favorite colour, that's why I've so many blue dresses. Memoral Cake and Sugary Carnival are both dream dresses. I was so happy to get them. Both prints are very pretty with cute details. Sugary Carnival in blue is one of my all time favorites. Jewelry Jelly is cute too and I like it, but not as much like the other two dresses.
APs Lacy Ballerina and Happy Ice Cream JSK. These two don't have a print, but they are made ​​of beautiful fabric. Lacy Ballerina is a little to pink for me. I don't feel so comfortable in pink, as in other colours. But especially the lace of the see-through overskirt and lace of the chest part is beautiful. Happy Ice Cream is the perfect summer dress. It's made of super lightweight and airy chiffon. A petticoat is completely unnecessary, because the skirt part alone has a lot of volume.
Sugary Carnival, Lyrical Party (or Lyrical Bunny JSK or Lucky Pack 2011 JSK) and Milky Planet by AP. All 3 are very cute and they all have very pretty prints and I like them. But as I wrote, I don't feel that comfortable in pink. I love my blue Sugary Carnival and my blue Milky Planet much more than the pink versions of these dresses. But maybe that's just a phase. I'm not sure. >///<
Twinkle Carnival by Angelic Pretty and Playing Children from Bodyline. Haha, why the hell put I these two together for a photo? Because the pictures of these entry are sorted by colour and these are the two brightest dresses. Twinkle Carnival is one of the most prettiest prints which exist currently. Everything about this dress gives a precious feeling. This very nice, shimmering fabric, the pretty gold print and the slightly golden fabric of lace, collar and bow. And then there is the BL JSK. :D But I must admit, I like it. It's one of the older designs and it doesn't look cheap or something.
BTSSBs Alice in Fun Fair Print Skirt, Silk Cherubin by Lady Sloth, and APs Rose Princess skirt. I like Alice and the illustrations, and I think it's a cute skirt, but I don't wear it that often. Actually I wore it only once. Silk Cherubin is beautiful and I think it's the only dress of my wardrobe which I can wear in everyday life. Rose Pricess is maybe the only Lolita skirt I truly love. Usually I prefer dresses, but this old piece by Angelic Pretty is simple to perfect.  It's partly made of Jacquard fabric and it has torchon lace and nice satin ribbons. All in all it's better processed and from better material than many of the newer dresses and other Lolita clothes.
 And this is a little bonus picture:
 I threw together these things pretty hectic for this photo. It's a fairy kei inspired outfit for a little photo project that I plan. It will be a collaboration. ^_^
I don't know if this is interessting, but I think I list the clothes and accessoires from the pictures :D : Hoodie: ebay// Cardigan, big pink headbow, smaller blue headbow, bow with ice cream waffle and socks: Angelic Pretty// Skirt: ebay// Shoes: SWIMMER// Bag: second hand (AP replica)// Accessoires: chocomint and Cute Can Kill

See you soon with the promised art entry and a few vacation pictures.

Thank you for reading! \(^_^)/


  1. Hey, uhm, das ist wahrscheinlich furchtbar unhöflich aber besitzt du Happy Ice Cream noch und wärst du bereit es zu verkaufen? Ich würde dir viel Geld dafür bieten.

    1. Schon okay, fragen kann man ja alles. :D Also eigentlich will ich es nicht verkaufen. ^_^; Aber falls ich meine Meinung ähndere - denn nun hatte ich es schon eine Weile nicht an- dann komme ich gern auf dich zurück.