Montag, 10. September 2012

Lolita meet-up Leipzig

 Hello readers!

About a week ago was a Lolita meeting here and I was there. ^-^
There are not many meetings around here, so I was very excited.
This time there were really a lot of Lolitas there and
I hope in the future there will be more meetings in my area.
The weather was great and we had a picnic in the park. :D

Of course we took some pictures.
Unfortunately, there is no group picture. > / / / <
There are only photos with a part of the girls.
 Since there are maybe some girls who don't like to see their photos everywhere,
because of that there are not so many photos of the others.

A part of our lovely group. ^-^
I wore Angelic Pretty's Wonder Party. The print matches the picnic theme.
Kafu wore her dream dress ichigo millefeuille. ^_^

 Thanks for reading!


  1. die bilder sind so schön geworden. :)

    war ein toller tag *O*

  2. Beautiful!! :D
    Your friend is also beautiful, love her second picture.
    Why is so hard to take a full group shoot? XD We have the same problem! Someone is always missing >_<

    1. Thank you! ^-^
      I love this picture too. It turned out pretty well.
      The photo should be in the style of the photos, which are often taken of Gothic Lolitas. :D
      Yes, always is someone missing. Some girls were not there anymore at that time. >_<