Sonntag, 23. September 2012

Art post: Music in the air

Hello readers! (^ - ^)/

Now that's an entry without the theme Lolita. Very unusual for me.
As I wrote in one of the last post, I draw a lot at the moment. Unfortunately, I don't finish something. 
I'm dissatisfied with everything. o(▽≦)o Even when I look at my old drawings, I don't like a single one.
But basically it doesn't matter, because drawing is just a hobby.
It would be bad if I were an artist. But I'm not, so yeah! o(≧∇≦o) 
This drawing was easy for me. What a surprise! It was finished very quick. \(^-^)/
However, there are various "finished" versions of my music picture.
 I don't like the finished picture the best, but one of the "unfinished" states.
I don't know why. But I like often the "unfinished" drawing better than the finished picture. 
That is also the reason why I take pictures of a lot of unfinished states.
Afterwards I see when I messed my drawing up.
 Something else I don't like are titles. I hate looking for a title for every single picture.
 Therefore my titles are always terrible. But without isn't good either. For all online galleries you need titles.
Usually you can't upload the picture without. That's not good for me. (-_- )
 Okay, enough of that.
Here are some pictures of the work in progress:

These are not good photos. Sorry for that. (-_-)
Does anyone know which piece of music I used? ^-^ The one who knows it gets  .... well, nothing. 
But I would be very impressed! ^v^ It's a little hint in this photo.
I really like this version.
This is the first finished version. But I'm not happy with it.
The second finished version. I like this better.
 When I was younger (with 8 - 13 years), I drew a lot of pictures like this.
Long, long hair and long, long dresses and many wavy lines.

Maybe someone noticed that my blog has a new header. (^_^)
 That's what I wanted to do for a long time. I was never really happy with my header.
And I'm still not happy with it.
 But it's okay, isn't it? What do you think?
Or do you like my old one better:

Thanks for reading!