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Wishlist - my dream dresses ^ - ^

Hello! ^-^

This is just a small post between the big book fair entry, and the long promised new Sailor Moon picture.
Earlier this year I've posted my current wish list.
All of my dream dresses are from the brand Angelic Pretty and some are very rare and hard to get.
I also like other dresses from other brands. But as long as it is possible for me to style sweet without looking funny, I will always look as sugary as possible.
Without any exception, all the dresses of the list were love at first sight. : D
Some of the dresses I already own in other colors. For example, Sugary Carnival, which I have in blue (the first release of 2008) and pink (second release, 2011) or Twinkle Carnival wich i own in lightpink.

 To illustrate my wish list I have made some ​​collages. I hope you like them. ^.^

1. Puppet Circus
Even as the dress came out in 2006 it was clear that I have to get it one day. It's simply perfect.
It is made ​​of velvet and has a gold print. Absolutely perfect. ^-^ My favorite is the red wine version as JSK.
Back in 2006 it was very difficult, almost impossible to get Angelic Pretty dresses.

2. Twinkle Carnival
As Puppet Circus it has convinced me immediately with the gold print. Golden prints are something that I love extremely, nearly an obsession. :D The black JSK is my favorite, it was sold out so I bought the pink version, which was the only available colour. T_T I bought it almost immediately after the release in 2011 with a shipping service and I've still not managed to buy my preferred colour.

3. Chess Chocolate
It was almost the same story as with Twinkle Carnival. It was not possible for me to buy my dream dress. It was sold out too quickly. Then it was re-released by Angelic Pretty (unusually fast :D) but I had no money at this time. Later, I bought it in mint and it's beautiful, but the brown JSK version is still my favorite.

4. Star Night Theater
It was released in the same year as Memorial Cake (2009), which was one of my dreams for long. I've found it then, so I'm assuming i also find the blue or red Star Night Theater.

5. Sugary Carnival
As an unexpected way Sugary Carnival was re-released in 2011, and with this new release this new colour version was available. Since the first release Sugary Carnival is one of my absolute favorites. ^-^

Thanks for reading!
See you next time. Next post will be about my new Sailor Moon drawing. ^-^

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