Montag, 9. April 2012

Art post: Usagi and Chibiusa


 As mentioned before in my post about inspiration I post my new Sailor Moon drawing. 
It is a very fast drawing. It usually takes me a long time to finish something. XD
I like this two characters and I grew up with the series. It's always fun when I draw them again.

The other two drawings, I'll hopefully finish soon. ^-^
Since I had no time for an Easter drawing, I'll draw a spring picture. It's the picture in the middle.
The right one is the picture of Usagi and Chibiusa and the left one is an attempt to reflect emotion. XD

 Hope you like it! 
It's Easter and I'm alone at home to work.
 My family gave a a little basket with different things. The egg has surprised me and pleased me at the same time. My little sister has dyed the eggs this year. By mistake she used for the template images (i don´t know the right word for this) yellow and eeheeem... yellow, instead of yellow and orange.
 So it looks like this:
 Do you see the rabbit? XD

 Thanks for reading!

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