Samstag, 14. April 2012

Shoes and more shoes!

Hello! (^-^)
Before I post a new artwork, I write about something that lots of people love: shoes! 
Attention! This post is very picture-heavy!
I love to look at pictures of beautiful shoes. (I do not have that many pretty shoes. :D) Actually, I love only one brand very much, mainly because of the size. My feet have an in-between size and are sometimes too wide for some shoes. They are difficult, in length and width. >///< But this one brand always fits perfectly!
 For Lolita, nearly all my shoes are custom made.
 The most comfortable ones are my teaparties:

My teaparty shoe family. ^ - ^ A new family member is ordered. It will be tadaaaaa gold!
And here are some pictures of shoes that I've found over the years on the internet (on tumblr and so on):

 First some pastel sneakers, cause i looooove them! ^-^

more pastel colours:

And simply cute (the pair with only two stripes is a replica):


Whoever already read my other posts, knows that I love gold. So, here we go:

  Something else that I really like: Galaxy prints.

Something for fans of some movies and stuff. : D

Love this design:

You can never have enough spikes on your shoes. XD

And again pastels, this time with heels.

For now, these are all images.
Maybe I'll post something like this again, because I have lots, lots, loooots of pictures with nice shoes.

 Thanks for reading!

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