Mittwoch, 15. Februar 2012

New drawing with APs Merry Making Party OP

Hello! (^_^)

Finally I had time to take a pen in my hand. I felt a little like experimental and I'm not sure if I like it. The result looks a bit like a postcard and fits quite good for Valentine's Day. Although I do not think much of days like this. The picture also looks like an homage to my favorite brand Angelic Pretty. But that was not my intention. But somehow logical. I used the AP print "Merry Making Party" from the year 2010 for this collage. :D Actually, I did not think a lot when i draw. Usually I see TV while i draw something or have only a kind of elevator music in my head. Strange, I know. XD And sometimes I listen to real music. XD Do not take this seriously! Also I do not think when I write. Sometimes.

crappy, ugly scetch with some oulines
outlines without dress
I like her face. I think it turned out very well. It´s maybe the best part in this drawing.
 Thanks for reading! 


  1. oo hast du das kleid geschrumpft?? aber klar fahrstuhl musik wer liebt sie nicht...!

  2. :D ja! ich habs einfach bei 500°C gewaschen, da hatte es die richtige größe und dann hab ichs aufs bild geklebt. nee, nicht wirklich. es ist als grafik reinkopiert. zuerst wollt ichs zeichnen, aber das wär nie so geworden. ^^
    fahrstuhlmusik! yeah! *bewegtdummdenkopf*