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Eastern Elegance Weihnachtsfeier 2016

Hello readers!

Today I write about last years christmas tea party in Gera. It was quite cold that day and I was way to early at the train station. So I had to wait for the others who went by train with me. I like trains and traveling by train so it was nice to get to the meet like this. Actually I'm not in the mood for small talk or writing. I'll keep this short and let the pictures speak.
It's time for the Spring/Summer 2018 collections (men's fashion - I've somehow lost interest in women's fashion some years's slowly coming back with the unisex collections but the repetivity bored me) so I'm distracted.
Back to topic. Some things has to be said. It was a small party compared to last Christmas, but it was still very nice. I appreciate all the work that was behind this and I hope the organizers will not let themselves be demotivated by what didn't go so well. I mean the food alone was impressive. And the raffle too. Many things would not be possible without sponsors, that's why I want to list them here: Loopy Lovely, Sweet Sakura, Melty WishKawaiimonoPromise of Nostalgica, Lunaly, Mighty KingdomVanillas Traumfabrik, Elegant Feather, Ebony & Ivory, Waldteufel Manufaktur, Mori-Tales and Kreativmiez. I hope that's right. Nearly all the names are links to their websites or facebook pages, so you can have a look at their work.

The nicely wrapped raffle prizes. The raffle numbers were on biscuits in the form of teapots.
The table I was sitting on. Here you can see my teapot biscuit with the 13. I won hairpins by Kreativmietz with it. A black glitter pair in the shape of bat wings, a white pair with small green and pink glitter and a bigger clip with flowers on lace in white. Pauline gave me a series of self-made rosepins in colours that fit my wardrobe. Everyone got a cup with the own name on it, a stick with chocolate for hot chocolate and a bag of biscuits. I took a picture with everything but I couldn't find it. I may add it later.

Sorry for all the food pictures. But I just feel the need to show you all this.
Pauline in Wonder Bunny’s Magical Cards Party by Alice and the Pirates.
Next is Daniela in Atelier Pierrot.
I wore Angelic Pretty's Holy Night Story. Thanks for the pictures!
Pia wore an OP by Mary Magdalene, but I'm not sure about this. She also wore amazing contact lenses with golden particles. Loved them and so I tried to take a picture but it was more impressive in real life.
Caro in AP's Sweet Cream House. Loved all the details of the outfit. And even the (to me) creepy Usakumya bag looked surprisingly nice with the print.
Hester with her just great hairstyle in the black Yuki no Namida Hime Bright Check JSK by Baby the Stars shine bright.
Lydia wore AP's Cirque du L'Étoile, which was love at the first sight when the first pictures came out, so that I was glad to see in real life. Sometimes the stock pictures and the real dress are not very comparable but here I wasn't disappointed.
As far as I remember was a lot of Annettes outfit selfmade. But since my brain is a sponge, I don't remember more information. Already the crown alone, which was selfmade, is really impressive.
I wish I had done better and more pictures, especially of Hester and Annette. When it got later and later, I was back at the point where my hands have shivered already terribly. That's the worst thing for taking pictures.
Lydia was one of those who actually kind of colour matched the christmas tree.
After the group pictures Falk took of us outside (cold as f§&% srsly), everyone waited for Franzi to surprise her with a little cupcake for her birthday.
The colours of Caros outfit and the colours of the gift anf the tree don't looked good toghether, but I liked her pictures. With a little bit more motivation I would have changed the colours while editing. But Usakumya hypnotized me.
This bag. I'm so in love with the print. It has so many things I love...the colours, the ponies and the tartan. Go home Holy Hight Story and Toy March. This is you in better.
Sorry I didn't took a full body picture. But I love this Lief print for years now and here I was also just happy to see it in real life. This also has everything I love: velvet and a detailed architectural theatral gold print. The brooch is soo pretty too. I knew the brand but I forgot it. I think there were some brooches at Urban Fairytale in that style.

The makeup was decent that day and it looked still good when I came home. That's so rare. Usually I look like the Joker on a bad day after an event. Well, the lipstick was gone, but lipsticks are something I didn't mastered yet.

Thank you for reading! Hope there's a new entry soon but I stop to promise things because often nothing is happening.

~ Louyse

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