Sonntag, 29. Januar 2017

Urban Fairytale I

Hello readers!

Last year was a big event in Berlin. On the 23th-24st of July were a tea party and fashion shows with BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT as guest.  The first day, a saturday, was the tea party. But I just visited Berlin the second day for the main event. On this day were the fashion shows with BTSSB, Alice and the Pirates and others, besides, there was a quiz and an outfit contest. As if that was not exciting enough, there was also a room with sales booths and a Bring and Buy area with lots of amazing items.
The only real downside was the weather. It was warm, well, really warm. I don't like hot weather. My tolerance for heat is very low. The upper limit is around 28°C and that's already to warm for me. Lolita fashion usually contains layers of clothing. So this is not the best fashion style for  hot days. But anyway it kind of worked and especially after I took off my wig it was okay after all.

I took officially pictures that day and as always way to many. Because of all the pictures I want to show I'll split this entry into several parts and so there will be four blog entries.
I start with some pictures of me. Unfortunately I have forgotten who photographed them but I'm always happy when someone does this for me. Later I also got a really great Polaroid photo.

JSK, OTKs: Angelic Pretty / Blouse: Dear Celine  / Shoes: Secret Shop /Accessoires: Claires,self-made, H&M, other

At the time the event officially started, more and more great looking people gradually arrived.

The room with the vendors.

I bought a beautiful brooch at this table but I don't know the brand any more. I think it's from Circus Mediam Noctem, but I'm not sure. There was a lot of pretty accessoires from different small brands and I know that you could buy Sweet & Tiny jewellery. They make amazing things inspired by pâtisseries. Vanillas Traumfabriks just perfect brooches were available as well and I think the white hat you can see in the picture below is by Promise of Nostalgica. All the brand names are links to the pages of the sellers. I do this nearly every time in my blog entries but I'm not sure if it's noticeable enough. So here we go. Have a look at all of them, because everyone deserves it.
I didn't took pictures of it, but there was a clothes rail with dresses from Soufflesong. This China based brand was one of the indie brands which were shown later in the fashion show.

KawaiimonoIf you've read my entry to the book fair in Leipzig, you know her. Mabu shared a table with Elegant FeatherThere one can find beautiful necklaces. I like them.

Mabu wore Luminous Sanctuary by Angelic Pretty. Her headdress was just beautiful.


Mimi was one of the organisators. She looked great in APs Classic Fairy Tales. I really love this shade of green. 


Mimi and Luise - Fighter of Frills. Luise could kill someone with her headpiece and she lent me her lipstick because I've the brain of a goldfish.

Susi in Metamorphose. This window was a good place to take pictures. The light gives a angelic effect here.

This was the catwalk were, a little later, the models of the fashion shows presented BTSSB/AATP and indie brands. The pictures of the show follow in the next entry.

One of my personal style highlights was nora in Sheherazade ~ One Thousand and One Nights ~ by BTSSB. I'm a fan of this hairstyle and this dress in an amazing colour.

And some more sellers. Here we have Moon Bunny where you find cute and just amazing looking accessoires. I didn't bought anything, sadly, but maybe in the future.

Also really cute: necklaces and rings by Miracle Carnival.

The owner of the shop with really cool egg or Gudetama themed accessoires. The fried egg necklace is great, isn't it?

Some close-ups. I'm a fan of edible looking accessoires.

And as I talk about things I love: great headdresses could be found at Sweet Sakuras booth. The hats are stunning. On the left side of the table you can see Fluffy Tori, a brand that makes cute clothing.

Summer Tales Boutique, a seller from the Netherlands doesn't only sell beautiful own fashion under the lable Summer Tales, you can also buy japanese brands, like Innocent World, at their shop.

The honored guest BTSSB had a quite big area in the room with the catwalk. There were so many wonderful headpieces, dresses and bags. Look at all the Usakumyas. I think these are not even all. Maybe some were already sold at that time.

I already talked about my love for great headpieces. And for people like me, the vendor room was heaven. This is the booth of Sweet Mildred where I immediately fell in love with some items. Some dresses by Sweet Mildred were shown in the fashion show. And again I regret not having bought anything. But definitely someday.

Real food! These are vegan cupcakes I believe? And there was various cakes and different drinks you could buy. 

Back to the not so real food. Melty Wish, who was at the book fair in Leipzig too, was there. She has a lot of pretty, cute or just lovely necklaces, bracelets, rings and flower headdresses. I think everyone could find something at her shop, since there are accesoires for classic or sweet lovers and, well, just unique looking a things. I bought a violin necklace, but I forgot to take a picture of it. Maybe later.

The hair! I love the colours and the overall pastelnes. Liz wore APs Dream Marine in the pretty lavender shade.

Some impressions from the rooms filled with all the lolita fashion lovers and the quiz.

Everyone waited in line for the Bring and Buy sale.

Caro with cake at the cake table, trying to give cake to the people who want cake.

 I got the opportunity to take pictures from some nice people. I wish I took more of more of the stunning looking visitors. There were so many gorgeous outfits.

Georgia wore agreat outfit with the very popular Gathered Chiffon by Alice and the Pirates. I don't know how this colouway ia called, but I love it.

Lisa in Angelic Prettys Memorial Cake - one of my favorite prints. 

Pauline in a royal outfit. She always puts a lot love in her gowns. It's such a light coloured dress for her, because I'm kind of used to see her in dark outfits. But It looks great. And It reminds me of the old DEFA fairy tale movies wich I loved to watch when I was a child. Well, actually I still love some of the movies. The costumes were awesome.

There was an autograph session and the opportunity to make photos with the guests of honor.
The BTSSB guests were (from left to right): Akinori Isobe (CEO), Masumi Kano (Designer) and Rin (manager and fashion show model). I fangirled a little over Rin, because she looked gorgeous and was graceful, and was just perfect in general. She put little cute drawings to her autograms. Masumi Kano, who looked also stunning, seemed a little surprised by the drawings.

The last pictures of this post show some more visitors and a group picture at the time the official group picture was taken. Luise wore one of my favorite Juliette et Justine dresses in the most perfect colour. I mean velvet and gold are actually enough to get me, but all this in blue? Have my money JetJ.
If someone wonders, I use the Facebook names in my posts. They are kind of legitimized in my eyes.

That was all all for today. I hope you like it. The next post will be about the fashion shows.
Thank you for reading!


Post scriptum:
My posts - especially this type - take a lot of time and I thought about that. My blog is like a really time consuming diary with way to much research and all that. But than again, I think just pictures without any information would be pointless. It's like an endless struggle for me. I like this blog but I'm slow and not a good blogger. The only thing I hope for is the patience of everybody who may likes to read this. So, I really really thank every reader for stopping by!